Teens Design Fun ‘Pic It’ App as a Summer Challenge from Parents!

Pic It Game for iPhone

Pic It Game for iPhone

What did your kids do this summer? One family challenged their kids to come up with an app idea that their iOS developer father would help them make real. The result? Pic It! With tagline ‘A word is worth a thousand pictures!’, Pic It is a multiplayer game where you submit a picture based on a word to get points.

Pic It reminds me of a variation of Apples to Apples – one person starts a round and chooses a word. The others in the game submit pictures based on that word, and the person who started the round chooses the winners of the round. The two or three favorites get points, and play rotates so that everyone gets to judge and everyone gets to play.

You can get more details at the official website. Pic It is a fun and intriguing game of picture comparisons for three to ten players! It looks like a blast and I can’t wait to try it out with my family, because we love these sorts of games. Best of all it is free!

Head to the App Store and grab Pic It!

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