Unintended Reveal of New iPhone Speed Test: Samsung Galaxy S4 Is Slower Than iPhone 5!

Speed Test of Cell Phones

Speed Test of Cell Phones

We all know both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 are excellent phones. But since the iPhone 5 is now ‘obsolete’ and the S4 is just a few months old, it might surprise you that in ‘real world’ tests the iPhone 5 is considerably faster than the S4. The tests were intended for the iPhone 5s, which is insanely fast.

You can see all results here, but I do realize that these sorts of tests are seldom an indication of exactly the experience someone will have. For some it is all about app-switching, others are data-throttled, and so on. Personally my iPhone 5 feels brand new and snappier than ever with the iOS7 update, whereas my younger son said a few of his favorite third-party apps weren’t updated and made things feel sluggish.

My point is pretty simple: for those who love to say ‘Apple can’t innovate anymore’ … not only is the NEW iPhone much faster than any other phone on the market, LAST YEAR’s iPhone is STILL faster than the flagship phones from Samsung, HTC, Google and Motorola. So … um … yeah.

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