Cognition Episode 3 The Oracle Review – The Best Of This Chilling Series Yet!

Cognition Episode 3 The Oracle

Cognition Episode 3 The Oracle

After the first Cognition episode I praised the game but complained about the accents; the second episode had me spouting high praise for the game while still noting an issue with accents. But after completing the third episode all I can say is WHO CARES about the accents, this series is so good I just can’t wait for the conclusion!

Type of app: Adventure Game

Platform/where to buy: Mac or PC; full season pass with soundtracks available in the Phoenix Online Studios Store


Developer: Phoenix Online Studios LLC

Here are some of the features:
– Play as Erica Reed, FBI detective
– Solve a deep and intriguing mystery that involves your twin brother
– Investigate crime scenes, interact with other detectives, and hunt for clues
– Use Erica’s special powers to uncover the mystery
– Your choices have consequences!


Major features:

Once again we are back in the role of Erica Reed and working to solve the growing series of mysteries she cannot seem to escape. In terms of story and flow this is definitely the best of the series yet.

But what really gets you is the narrative style – you are slowly drawn in and then PLOT TWIST! And another plot twist … and another! But it isn’t just sensational twists and turns, it is how you are drawn into the fully realized characters that really intrigues me.


Another intriguing difference is that rather than bopping all over the city as you did in the first two episodes, you are now confined to a single location, the closed-off Enthon Towers. The change from open travel all around to a more enclosed setting works very well in focusing your activities, and also opens up your attention to another critical element.

[SPOILER ALERT] Perhaps the best thing about the game is the enhanced use of Erica’s ability to revisit things in the past. It is important because through it we learn about Cordelia’s ability to see the future! So you have Present Erica and Past Vision Erica and Past Cordelia and Future Vision Cordelia forming an interesting relationship across time and space. In the game it all works smoothly – well, the characters react in a realistic way to the bizarre events, and it greatly enhanced gameplay.


Ease of use/Overall performance:

Technically the game is the best yet, with only minor glitches in the pre-release build I played when the game was released – and no issues at all in the Steam release I replayed before getting to Episode 4 (yes, I never finished this review when I initially played!). The voice acting remains my sole complaint, including the new emphasis on Cordelia and the three new characters.

Would use again/recommend?: Definitely! I have thoroughly enjoyed each episode, and this is clearly the best one yet. It makes me both anticipate the final chapter – I can’t wait to play but don’t want it to end!


Suggested changes/wish list for updates: The voice acting … yeah, still an issue. But by now you really won’t care.

Source: Publisher provided review code

Price: $9.99, or get the entire season including soundtracks for $29.99.

Here is the trailer:

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