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October 5, 2013 • Gear Bits

Never Lose your Sole-Mate Again with Sock Snappers

Sock Snappers

We’ve all been there, one of your socks, probably from your favorite pair, goes missing.  The sock monster strikes again!  Sock Snappers is funding on Kickstarter now to help keep your sock pairs together while washing and drying. These ingenious little snaps clip onto your socks and allow the socks to snap together so they won’t be separated.

The plastic snaps clip onto your socks, and they remain there without any special tools and are made of soft plastic material so you won’t even feel them while wearing your socks.  Before you put them in the laundry basket, snap the socks together so that they’ll stay with their partner throughout the laundry process.  Aside from never losing another sock again, it’ll also save time while sorting the laundry because matching pairs will already be attached to one another.

Sock Snappers

Check out Sock Snappers on Kickstarter to pledge your support to receive the first batch of Sock Snappers.  To learn a little more about the product, watch their Kickstarter introduction video is below.

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