Soundcast VG7 Bluetooth Speakers Can Be Paired for Multi-Room Use in or Outdoors

Soundcast, an award-winning company that handles high performance wireless audio system made their presence felt here at CES in Las Vegas by unveiling their latest edition of wireless products from their VGX series including the Soundcast VG7, a weather-resistant Bluetooth speaker.

Made for users who enjoy music indoors but would like a portable speaker, the VG7 is a speaker that showcases Soundcast’s ability to know exactly what the consumer wants, good audio.

Equipped with a durable exterior that is shock absorbent, the VG7 has a down-firing 7-inch subwoofer and four three-inch full-range drivers that give you a fully immersive 360-degree sound made for any room or environment. With auto Bluetooth pairing, you can unite two or more VG7 speakers if you want to go multi-room. Shipping in the Spring you can purchase the VG7 for $799.

If you’d like something a bit more portable, there’s the waterproof VG1 speaker, which would sit perfect next to your beach towel when you’re at the pool, or by your side at a campfire. Crafted with 2-inch aluminum drivers backed by neodymium magnets, the VG1 not only works hands-free with Siri, there’s a build-in microphone so you can make calls if you want. Just like the VG7, you can pair it with other VG1’s in order to get a more surround sound, as long as the units are 30-feet in range from each other.

“We designed the VG1 and VG7 as a direct response to the market’s demand for high-definition Bluetooth speakers designed for optimal sound quality no matter the performance setting,” said Oscar A Ciornei, President & CEO, Soundcast. “We studied the market extensively and have moved forward with our partner’s and consumer’s desire to continue to produce products that offer studio-type sound in the outdoors. The VGX Series embodies the notion that there shouldn’t be a need to sacrifice really rich audio for a rugged, weather-resistant enclosure.”

For more information on the VGX series, you can visit today.

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