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October 9, 2013 • News

Use an Apple Computer? Ergotron Wants You to Work in a Whole New Way

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Periods of back trouble can’t slow me down, so I’ve had times when all my writing was done while standing. Many actually feel more productive when working at a standing desk, and I cannot disagree. If you have ever considered using a standing desk, Ergotron’s new WorkFit Sit-Stand Workstations for Apple are worth a look. Check both out here.

The $329 WorkFit-P (pictured above) is designed for use with MacBook. Designed to be used while standing or sitting, the WorkFit-P is a minimalist workstation that can be raised or lowered in seconds. The WorkFit-P holds up to 10 pounds and has an adjustment height of 20 inches. It looks like a great solution for those of us who use a laptop as our primary computing device and offers the best of both worlds since you can quickly and smoothly switch between working seated or standing.

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The $649 WorkFit-A is a bigger offering designed to hold an iMac. The unit mounts the current iMac on an height-adjustable arm that clamps to the back edge of a desk that can be up to 31.5 inches. The unit offers fluid, one-touch motion to move from a seated to a standing desk, offers a sit-stand height adjustment and includes a separate keyboard tray with tilt.

As Pete Segar, group president, Display Mount Solutions (DMS) of Nortek and CEO of Ergotron notes,

We are thrilled to be offering new alternatives that embrace the Apple consumer to our long-standing, industry leading WorkFit product line. Since one size does not fit all, these workstations give the design-minded consumer products that can be integrated both at work and in the home, offering an easy way to stand more without giving up the well-beloved aesthetics of the Apple experience.

We are hoping to go hands-on with the WorkFit-P Sit-Stand Workstation, for Apple in the very near future. Check both out here.

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