Waterfield Cozmo Lets Your Gear “Go First Class” Review


So you got one of the new MacBook Pro with retina displays and love it. But there is a problem. Thanks to its thinner design and lighter weight the 15″ notebook is far more portable than its predecessor but you aren’t quite sure what you should use to carry it. Waterfield SFBags has some great options. In fact, they have a new section on the site that gather’s the best options for carrying the MBPr in one place. You can check it out here.

They all look great, and I’m thinking about picking up one of the new, larger-size Travel Expresses. (I LOVE the one I have for the iPad.) One bag that is not listed there but should be is the Cozmo. In fact, after two days of internal debate (and a discussion with Judie), I decided that my MBPr was destined to be carried in one.


I order one of the Cozmo Mambo Combo packs and, just a few days later, a Cozmo, a CableGuy pouch and a Waterfield SleeveCase arrived. The Cozmo is already one of my all-time favorite bags, and I thought we might take a look at why.


Here’s what Waterfield has to say about the Cozmo:

Cozmopolitan. Go first class, even if you’re just going down the block. Smart design and smart style includes off-set d-rings for auto-balance and “weightless” suspension shoulder strap. The Cozmo’s great shape allows it to stand up on its own, empty or full.

And here is one of the many customer comments listed on the product page:

Folks @ Waterfield,
I received my large Cozmo and let me just say that this is hand down the greatest bag in the world. I commute into New York City to work at a software company, and go to school at night, so I am constantly carrying a laptop and several heavy books at one time. The elastic shoulder strap and offset placement makes all the difference in the world. I can’t say enough about the design,materials and functionality of this bag. This along with the level of customer service that just does not seem exist in retail anymore has made buying this bag worth every penny.
I am telling all of my friends. Thanks again and good luck,

That about sums it up for me too. The bag looks and feels great. It carries and protects my 15″ MBPr AND my iPad. And it is built to last. I’m a fan and that is before I’ve even used it for travel. THAT happens in a few hours.

The Cozmo is available in three sizes. The large Cozmo has an MSRP of $189. The medium version is $179. The small Cozmo is $169. No, that isn’t inexpensive but the quality of this bag is amazing, the look is fantastic and the way it helps get and keep you organized on the go… priceless. Details and ordering information can be found here on the product page.

MSRP: Bag only starts at $169. Cozmo Mambo Combo starts at $209.

What I Like: Great material, design and build quality; Shoulder strap design is super-comfortable; Small size is large enough for the MBPr in a SleeveCase without feeling overly bulky; Pulls lock down by simply placing flat; Looks fantastic; Available in a variety of trim colors and materials; Combo pack is convenient and saves money

What Needs Improvement: Starting price is significant, and prices go up from there

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