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October 16, 2013 • Autos, Editorials

Link Between Availability and Piracy Grows Stronger at

Most Pirated Movies

Most Pirated Movies

While I reject the argument that anyone is FORCED into piracy by … well, anything – I do recognize that some people want to see the latest movie as soon as it comes available for home viewing. The problem is sometimes they cannot rent or buy that movie digitally, and as a result choose to pirate rather than not watch.

A new site called takes the latest Bittorrent data on the most pirated films, and matches that up with the availability information from – which is an awesome site to check movie availability in a single location, by the way.

The result? None of the ‘Top 10 Pirated’ movies last week were available for streaming (i.e. free), only 3 of 10 were available for digital rental, and six of ten for digital purchase.

Is it reasonable to expect free streaming of a movie currently high on the digital rental charts? Probably not … but it highlights two inverse issues: first, with high-speed broadband data people can readily pirate materials; and second, given a legal means to obtain something does help ameliorate piracy (as shown in top rental/sales), but doesn’t eliminate it (as shown on top pirated lists).

What are your experiences? Do you see more people pirating or obtaining things legitimately? I know I have had my kids asking me about whether certain sites are ‘legit’, because there are so many sites like Crackle popping up every day with exclusives that when they see something streaming somewhere they are tempted to watch but are unsure. Most times? Not legit!

Source: Washington Post

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