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November 6, 2013 • Gear Bits

Doxie Flip Is a New Battery Powered Mobile Scanner That Can Scan Anything and Everything

doxie flip

I’ve mentioned my genealogy hobby before, but what I haven’t mentioned is how often I’ve had to try to scan photos that couldn’t be removed from the album they were glued into. My solution is usually to snap a sometimes odd-angled photo with my phone; Doxie Flip looks like a much better way. Battery driven, totally portable, and only $149.

The Doxie Flip is about the size of a book, and you can use it to scan old photo albums, scrapbooks, and other bound books containing things you want copied. You can flip the Doxie over, see through its transparent scanning window, line up the item you want to scan while looking at it, and go. If you are scanning a larger item, you can use Doxie’s AutoStitch feature to combine several scans into one larger image.

Doxie Flip Mobile Scanners are shipping now, and you can buy yours by clicking here.

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