Happy Hour Timepieces Has New Watches to Insure You Never Miss First or Last Call


Everyone knows the cliché joke about how “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere”! But what if your watch was ONLY clear when it was 5 o’clock? And it could open your drinks when you hit that magic time? Enter the new watches from Happy Hour Timepieces!

The Ish seems more fashion than function, where the entire watch face is frosted except over the 5. Presumably, you can sort-of see the time when it’s not 5 pm, but it’s fuzzier…much like your watch normally looks if you indulge too much at happy hour. Their other new watch, the Lightweight, is at least readable at any time of day, and the main nod to drinking is the bezel that looks like a bottle cap. Both watches have built-in bottle openers, which is both handy and far more sanitary than those sandals with a bottle opener in the sole.

The Ish retails for $174.99, and the Lightweight for $124.99. You can check out Happy Hour Timepieces’ full line of products here, and be sure to check out when Gear Diary first checked out Happy Hour Timepieces after CES 2012-we were impressed at the time, and the new additions look equally fantastic!


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