Jabra Readies Rox Wireless Headphones

Jabra ROX™ Wireless Earbuds Go Wireless with Great Sound

The Jabra Revo Wireless headphones continue to impress me and have a place in my gear bag most days. Now Jabra is rolling out the Jabra Rox Wireless in-ear wireless headphones. They let you “Go wireless and give up the wires without giving up great sound”. With simple NFC pairing, a rugged design and more they look great. Coming soon.

Jabra ROX™ Wireless Earbuds Go Wireless with Great Sound

The Rox Wireless Headphones’ were designed based on the same in-ear monitors used by professional musicians with the goal of bringing “full sound and strong bass” to a small, wireless headphone. Based on our recent experience with Jabra audio we’re optimistic that they were able to achieve their goal! Paired with Jabra’s Sound App player with Dolby Digital Plus the headphones promise to sound even better!

The Rox Wireless Headphones are designed to be used… and abused. Protected against dust and water, they are made from steel and have special magnets that activate a power-saving mode and, when not in use, allow you to clip the earbuds around your neck for safekeeping.

Jabra ROX™ Wireless Earbuds Go Wireless with Great Sound

As Jabra explains,

Rox’s sculptured, low-profile design is based on musicians’ in-ear monitors for maximum bass response. You don’t have to lose the looks or fit of your current corded earbuds; Rox’s comfortable, low-profile fit sits tight and when you’re active it has optional EarWings™ to lock them in. Its unique design allows for powerful speakers to deliver truly remarkable sound, in rich Dolby® stereo.

The Jabra Rox feature:

  • Simple Pairing: Able to connect wirelessly either via Bluetooth® or tap to pair using NFC.
  • Rugged Design: IP52 certified, protecting against dust and water, so it fits an active lifestyle
  • Intelligent Power-Saving: The earbuds have exclusive built-in power-saving magnets. Simply clip the earbuds together and the magnets will automatically activate power-saving mode
  • Long Playback Time: They have a playback time of up to 5.5 hours, as well as in-line controls so users can keep their phone in their pocket.

Jabra ROX™ Wireless Earbuds Go Wireless with Great Sound

The Jabra Rox will be available next month. We’ll have a review and ordering information as soon as possible.

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