iBatzz Battstation Optimus 20400 Extended Battery: Enough Power to Share

iBatzz Battstation Optimus 20400 Extended Battery

It’s become a running joke that I always have to one-up my friend Helena when comparing our extended batteries at tech events. While I am certainly not consciously competing over which of us can carry the biggest battery, there is truth to the fact that I prefer larger extended batteries; the new iBatzz Battstation Optimus 20400 certainly fits this bill.

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Measuring approximately 5.5″ long x 2.75″ wide x 1″ thick, weighing 12.5 ounces, and covered in the BattStation is going to add to your load a bit, but it isn’t ridiculously large or heavy; the tradeoff is that by carrying it you’ll get the ability to simultaneously charge a phone and a tablet at the same time. You’ll also have a handy weapon to chunk at anyone who threatens you.

Included in the package is the Battstation Optimus 20400, a microUSB charging cable, a microUSB to Apple 30-pin adapter, and a microUSB to Samsung Galaxy Tab adapter. I left both adapters in the box. For all intents and purposes, I see the Battstation Optimus as a ‘bring your own cable’ situation — unless you are using a microUSB device. In that case, the same cable that will charge your extended battery from a computer’s USB port or from the USB port in a wall or car charger will also charge your microUSB-powered phone or tablet when placed in one of the two USB slots on each end of the battery.

iBatzz Battstation Optimus 20400 Extended Battery

iBatzz Battstation Optimus 20400 Extended Battery Features
  • Dual USB Output for simultaneous charging of 2 devices.
  • Emergency Flash Light.
  • Support Pass Through Charging.
  • Uses highest grade Panasonic battery cells used in electric cars.
  • Provides up to EIGHT FULL Charges to most smartphones.
  • Provides up to TWO FULL Charges to most tablets.
  • 20,400 mAh

When the Battstation Optimus is plugged in and charging, the LED on the top will  progressively blink through while glowing blue until the battery is fully charged and the four LEDs glow solidly blue.

iBatzz Battstation Optimus 20400 Extended Battery

On the back side there’s an LED flashlight, which is activated by pressing the button next to it twice; that same button when pressed once will activate charging as well as cause the battery capacity to display through a combination of the four LED indicators.


It’s very handy having two USB ports on the Battstation Optimus; it means you can charge your own device along with a friend’s, charge two of your own devices at once, or whatever other combination you can come up with.


The one thing you won’t have to worry about when carrying the iBattz Battstation Optimus 20400 is running out of power while you are away from a wall or car charger.

20,400 mAh means the freedom to travel on an international flight without worrying whether there’s a charging port under your seat — or worrying that you might forger the plug-in part when you grab your USB cable — not that I’ve ever done that. Heh. It means being able to wander the floor at a conference all day without needing to stop and take a break next to a wall outlet — or worse — using one of those pay-by-the-minute fast chargers.

iBatzz Battstation Optimus 20400 Extended Battery

Having such a large battery pack does mean having one more (heavy-ish) thing to carry, and it may also mean that you have to ultimately be the battery charger go-to person for your group. None of that really matters to me, though; I find that the convenience and peace of mind that I get from carrying the Battstation Optimus outweighs any cons. I used this battery extensively while traveling to and from Mobile World Congress, as well as on the long days and nights when we never found ourselves anywhere near a charging station. Probably the most inconvenient thing about using it was that I got told more than once I had a cable hanging out of my backpack, and that was just because people were trying to be helpful.

The Battstation Optimus 20400 is available directly from iBatzz.

MSRP: $129.95

What I Like: 20,400mAh means not having to worry about charging on overseas flights or extremely long days away from wall or car chargers; There are two USB ports (a 5V 2.1A and a 5V 1A)

What Needs Improvement: The tradeoff for carrying the Battstation Optimus 20400 it is that it is another heavy-ish item in your bag or pocket

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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    do you charge your optimus with a 5v 1A charger or with a 5v 2.1A charger? it says in the box input is 5v 1.5A just wondering if i can charge it better with 1A or 2.1A? or doesnt matter at all. thanks.

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