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November 15, 2013 • Reviews

Best Case Scenario case for iPad 4 Review – Great for Business Card Management

Both-open2013-08-22-07.01.231The Best Case Scenario iPad 4 case is a nice-looking leather case for your iPad that serves a couple secondary functions past just protecting your iPad and making it look good.  The Best Case Scenario iPad case is also perfect for taking photos of business cards, and it comes with a sound enhancement device.  It retails for $59.95.

1-Best Case Scenario Gear DiaryWhen I first set my eyes on the Best Case Scenario iPad case, I was a bit curious.  Dan told me that it was very good for taking photos of business cards, but I wondered why that would be an important feature of an iPad case.  However, I quickly reversed course when I remembered how many trade shows my mother goes to and how many business cards she comes home with.  Even in the architecture business, I struggle to keep track of the few business cards I am handed in meetings.  There are a ton of great business card management apps out there that require you to take a picture of the business card in order to process the information.  The Best Case Scenario iPad case lets you take perfect photos of those business cards quickly and easily on-the-go.

2-Best Case Scenario Gear Diary-001The Best Case Scenario iPad case is made of a soft feeling bonded leather that wraps around your iPad.  Inside of the leather is a suede-type material that will protect your screen from scratches.  The leather isn’t of the best quality, however, as typically with higher-end cases, you’ll see the leather stitched at the edges, while here it’s bonded.  There also isn’t much cushioning behind the leather, so the case is harder than some of the high-end leather cases I’ve tried.  The case has strong magnets inside that allow you to keep the case closed or at the perfect typing/viewing angle.  One of the downsides to this however, is that the case doesn’t give you too many other viewing angle options.

Inside the case is a hard plastic shell that clips onto your iPad in order to keep it in place.  The shell is very secure, and I am not worried about my iPad falling out.  The case also has a piece of leather that folds down to act as an easel in order to place the business card you’re taking a picture of.  Check out the sample image below of a coupon that I took with this case, showing how well the image of a business card would come out.

3-Best Case Scenario Gear Diary-002We already talked about how the Best Case Scenario iPad case takes great pictures of business cards, but it also has another neat feature.  The case comes with a telescoping sound enhancer that comes out of the plastic shell inside the case.  The sound enhancer serves to project your sound and music out of the case and towards to user, rather than towards the back of the iPad, where the speakers are typically pointed.  Check out the image below, showing how the test results for the sound quality with and without the sound enhancer.  I could definitely tell a difference when the sound enhancer was used, although I don’t know how often I would remember to extend the sound enhancer when I wanted to listen to music.

sound-enhancerWhile the Best Case Scenario iPad case isn’t made of the highest quality materials, and it’s not the most hip design, it will certainly protect your iPad as well as make it look classy.  If you often collect business cards, and you use an app to keep a database, you’d be hard pressed to find a case any more perfect for you.  In fact, I’m going to give this case to my mother and suggest she give it a try at her next trade show.  It’s also important to keep in mind that the case I reviewed is an early production model, and there may have been some refinements made by the manufacturer since my case was shipped.

You can purchase the Best Case Scenario case in either Ebony Black or Chestnut Brown from Lumiquest.

MSRP:  $79.95

What I Like:  Leather looks and feels good; iPad is secure; Takes great photos of business cards; Sound enhancer works well

What Needs Improvement:  Overall material and build quality could use some improvement; Only one viewing angle

Source:  Manufacturer supplied review sample

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