HipShotDot Laser Sight Accessory Review – Advanced Aim for FPS Games

HipShotDotI never thought I needed a special accessory to play First Person Shooter (FPS) games, until now.  The HipShotDot is a tiny red LED light that’s plugged into your console or computer’s USB port.  The LED enhances your view of your weapons crosshairs in order to improve accuracy and reaction time.  HipShotDot is a brand new product retailing for $29.99.


Full-screen shot of the HipShotDot in action. It's much more noticeable in-person.

Full-screen shot of the HipShotDot in action. It’s much more noticeable in-person.

In today’s highly realistic FPS games, it’s easy to lose track of your gun’s crosshairs in the thick of a battle.  During gameplay there are explosions, debris flying everywhere, and so many other distractions flying at and around you. The HipShotDot is designed to help keep you focused on the most important part of an FPS game, the center of your crosshairs.  No matter what happens in the game, the HipShotDot stays lit, so that you can easily place the LED on your enemy and fire.  And it gets better. In some games, there are EMP blasts that will knock out electronics for a short time. That, in turn, will render any laser sight attachment useless.  The HipShotDot, however, not only remains unaffected by in-game EMP blasts, but it also frees up attachment space on your weapon since it is its own laser sight.


Zoomed in look at the HipShotDot. You can see it much better here.

Zoomed in look at the HipShotDot. You can see it much better here.

The trick to using the HipShotDot is to place the LED right in the middle of your weapon’s crosshairs while zoomed in. That will help make sure you’re in the very center.  The HipShotDot’s red LED light is attached to your TV using super clear suction cups so that your view is not blocked in any way.  The HipShotDot’s power cord is kept taught by using a 2nd, super clear, suction cup toward the bottom of your screen so that the thin power wire doesn’t get in your way.

The HipShotDot's USB plugged into the Xbox One.

The HipShotDot’s USB plugged into the Xbox One.

I used the HipShotDot while playing Battlefield 4 on my brand new Xbox One and I’ll tell you, it really did make a difference.  I was able to track my aim much easier than without it.  I actually scored my best round while using the HipShotDot because it kept me focused on the center of my crosshairs and not on the craziness that was going on around me.  The thin power wire was not at all distracting like I thought it might be, and the clear suction cups were just that; clear.  While playing the game, all I could see was the bright red LED of the HipShotDot down the center of my crosshairs.  Another thing that I was worried about was the suction cups leaving marks on my HDTV, but I left them on for a few hours and they came off easily and without so much as a speck on the TV.

Look at the HipShotDot with the TV turned off.

Look at the HipShotDot with the TV turned off.

If you’re into First Person Shooter video games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, or any other FPS game, you’ll truly appreciate the help of the HipShotDot.  You’ll notice the enhanced focus that the bright LED will give you and you may notice your scores going up.

The HipShotDot can be purchased directly from Airdrop Gaming.

MSRP:  $29.99

What I Like:  Thin power wire; Super clear suction cups; Bright red LED keeps your focus down the center of your crosshairs and improves aim.

What Needs Improvement:  Nothing comes to mind.

Source:  Manufacturer review unit

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