See Spot Run, See Spot Jump, See the Soundfreaq Sound Spot Rock Out

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See Spot Run, See Spot Jump, See the Soundfreaq Sound Spot Rock Out Listen to this article

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It’s good to know the days of all portable Bluetooth speakers being little, black boxes is coming to an end. Leading the way is the Soundfreaq Sound Spot. This small, $69 speaker packs big sound, good battery life and it looks great in any one of its many colors. Mix and match Sound Spots for a great looking sound.Gear Diary Soundfreaq Sound Spot 47

The Soundfreaq Sound Spot is a small speaker. About the size of a CD jewel case (remember those??) but much thicker, the Sound Spot has a unique look “with a mid-century design inspiration”. Living in a post-and-beam house with an open floor plan reminiscent of mid-century architecture I immediately took a liking to the speaker’s aesthetics. That, however, is just the beginning.

Sound Spot

You see, clean lines and a cool design only go so far. What takes the Sound Spot to an entirely different level is the avaiablility of all the different color combinations. How neat would it be to have a wall of Sound Spots like this all daisy chained together?

Here’s a look at it on camera.

The speaker has a Lithium-ion battery that promises to deliver up to seven hours of music per charge. In addition, it has a USB power port that will charge your mobile device on the go. Of course charging your phone will shorten the amount of music you’ll be able to enjoy but if it is a choice between your phone going dead and your having to sit in silence for a time there really isn’t much of a choice to be made. It is certainly a worthwhile trade-off.

And when you need to recharge your Sound Spot you can plug it into a wall adapter or just plug the included USB to microUSB cable into your computer.

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From right to left that back connectivity panel offers a USB charging port that will help you keep your mobile devices going, a microUSB charging port to keep your Sound Spot going, a three position sound adjustment, a 3.5mm Aux-Out port so you can daisy chain a series of Sound Spots and an Aux-In port so you can listen to music from a wired connection or allow it to be the recipient of a daisy chain.

The three-setting sound adjustment is a great way to tailor your music without having to go through a complicated process of button pushes.

With a custom-engineered, full-range driver and carefully tuned ported housing, Sound Spot offers Tone Control settings and is acoustically balanced to complement anyone’s musical taste.

I appreciate the fact that Soundfreaq looked to strike a healthy balance between audio control and simplicity. It is a difficult middle ground to establish and I think they did it quite well.

Sound Spot

Soundfreaq also keeps the buttons on the Sound spot simple and easy to use. There is a power button, a pairing button, three track controls and two volume controls.

Sound Spot

And if you have an aversion to using capacitive buttons like the ones found on the Sound Spot you can just download the free iOS or Android app and use your mobile device as a remote. What could be simpler?

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The Sound Spot caught my eye when we first received the Press Release discussing the new color combinations. I had never seen a speaker that looked quite like this. And as someone who loves sharp, clean lines I was really taken with the look. Still, I couldn’t help but wonder if a $69 speaker could actually be worth using. I’m glad to say that this sub-$70 speaker is definitely worth a look. It has a great design, is simple to use and, best of all, it sounds surprisingly good!

This would make a fantastic gift for someone who loves music and, while it would be a significant investment, I could see using a series of these to create an unusual design accent. The Sound Spot really does let you “decorate your space with sound”! Learn more.

Get the white and wood version for $69.99 here.
Get the all black version here for just $59.99.
Get the all white version here for $69.99.

MSRP: $69.99

What I Like: Small and awesome-looking; Can be daisy chained in series for bigger sound and an even more awesome look; Simple controls; Surprisingly good sound for such a small speaker

What Needs Improvement: A good price at $69.99 but at sub-$50 I think these would fly off the shelves; Since they work well in series I would love to see a three or four-speaker bundle offered

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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