STM Cable Wrap Review – Cords Kept Organized and Ready to Go!

STM Cable Wrap

STM Cable Wrap

If there is one lament I have heard my wife utter again and again in our technology filled house throughout the years, it is not about how everyone is on their devices too much … it is ‘those cords’! And while things have improved with wireless mice, headsets, smaller chargers, micro-USB for many devices and so on, there are still too many cords required; as a gamer I even need to have a corded mouse and headphones … and then there is my GPS watch and cable. When I travel I dump all of these things in my garment bag where they get all jumbled up and end up a tangled mess; enter the STM Cable Wrap, which looks to help tame cable madness!

Here are some of the features:

  • Roll open/close design for quick access to all your digital travel needs
  • Internal zipper pocket to secure smaller items
  • Keep cables and chargers organized and tangle-free


STM bags ships their products in no frills recyclable packaging without any wasteful inserts or other non-essential junk. I look at it this way – if a product is meant to be used on a daily basis and take a beating, WHY do you need to ship it in foam? Exactly. I appreciate a company that uses real materials, is efficient in production, and eliminates waste wherever possible. Reading up on the company I liked them before the bag arrived – and liked them even more when I tried their products!

Design Quality

The design of the Cable Wrap is simple yet effective – a four fold system that wraps upon itself, with two solid pocket areas and two mesh pocket panels. The panels all fold together and there is a wrap-around tie that clasps in the front to secure everything in place.

One of the solid pouch panels has two pouches facing each other, which allows for storage of two sets of cables or a larger item such as an AC adapter for a workstation-style laptop. The other solid pouch panel has one full-sized pouch and another divided into three parts. That pouch is suited for smaller things such as flash drives or the PowerStick+ combination flash drive/charger.

There is a mesh zippered pouch panel which is divided in half, which is generally where I store my mouse (cord on one side, mouse on the other). The other mesh pouch panel is zippered, which allows you to add even smaller items like SD cards, micro-SD adapters, small flash cards and so on.

STM Cable Wrap 2

Build Quality and Usage Impressions

I am not the most gentle when it comes to the accessories used for my devices – I baby my laptops, smartphones and tablets, but the AC adapter cords typically get tossed into the other sections of the bag. So before I would issue an opinion on this cable storage product, I wanted to get some time using it in my daily life. I had two questions – would I use it, and how would it hold up.

As for usage, that issue I forced myself to deal with by using the Scout laptop bag from STM. The scout is a smaller bag than the large backpacks I have been using recently, meaning I needed to pack more efficiently. The Cable Wrap was part of that, and forced me to store things that I used less, and get into the habit of stowing my cabled properly. This had a side effect – by spending an extra 30 seconds wrapping my cables at the end of the day, I was up and running more quickly in the morning.

And after a few weeks of daily use the Cable Wrap looks like brand new. Everything is well-built, and seems stitched specifically to address the over-stuffing of pouches and attempts to squish the cables smaller than they should be.

Overall I was very impressed with the STM Cable Wrap. It seems like a boring utilitarian product, but it is efficient, well made, and a great value to help keep your items organized, neat, and keep your smaller stuff from falling to the bottom of your bag.

MSRP: $25.00

What I Like: Great design; rugged; eco-friendly, usable storage; easy to wrap and unwrap.

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

Source: Manufacturer provided review sample

Here is my hands-on review:

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  1. Good review Michael. I need to get something like this or a grid-it. This might fit the bill.

    Also looking for something similar for my ham radio stuff. I have a bag I got from Everest that is ALMOST perfect but it doesn’t have holes in the pockets for the antennas.

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