STM Studio for iPad Mini Takes a Stand for Simple Utility

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We recently took a look at the STM Catch for the iPhone 5. STM also offers a growing line of iPad accessories. The STM Studio for iPad mini is one example of what this company, better known for its bags, can do when they set their minds to it. Under $40, it offers plenty of good-looking protection.

The STM Studio comes in black, red, lime and purple. Made from polycarbonate, the case weighs just .2 pounds. That’s important since an iPad mini case needs to offer good protection without adding too significantly to the heft of the smaller, lighter iPad. After all, what’s the point of moving to the iPad mini if you are going to end up with it weighing as much as the iPad air?

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When the STM Studio is closed, it wraps the iPad mini in a highly protective layer of polycarbonate. It also cradles the device in a soft lining of microsuede material. That means your iPad is protected from bumps AND scratches. And all for under $40!

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The two different colors look cool while also giving a good indication of where the flap is that not only keeps the case closed but also turns it into a stand.

At the upper left you can see the opening for the iPad’s camera. At the bottom you can see the opening for the Lightning connector and speakers.

STM describes their creation this way:

So cool it’s patent pending! Introducing the studio – magnetic folding and protective tablet case. The unique magnetic closure and folding system allows for a super easy and convenient way to carry and protect your iPad Mini. Fold the cover and feel the satisfying snap when the magnets auto-locate the perfect viewing and typing positions. Secure yet simple to use.

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  • Patent pending magnetic closure for quick and easy access
  • Snap in, hard shell bracket with soft lining protects from scratches and bumps
  • Lightweight and slim construction for comfortable and easy carry
  • Easy access to device ports and control buttons
  • Foldable front cover for both typing and viewing modes
  • Complete protection for your iPad mini

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Pulling the flap open and the cover back reveals that the iPad is snuggly held in the case while also allowing complete access to the screen. And while the original iPad’s screen is “fine”, the iPad retina delivers a gorgeous experience that, thanks to the case’s design, is completely unobstructed.

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Fold the cover back and you can use the iPad mini in tablet mode.

Of course this is not simply a case but is a case that also converts into a two-position stand.

There’s viewing mode…

Tablet cases /> for iPad mini > studio for iPad mini > STM Bags

And there is typing mode. Both modes work quite well.

Are the added weight and bulk worth the protection and added functionality? That’s really a matter of personal preference. As someone who will often use the iPad mini with nothing but a protective skin on the back I can see using the STM Studio when I am traveling but would be less likely to use it when the iPad is at home. Regardless, for under $40 this case is priced nicely. If you like the look and want the added protection you certainly won’t regret grabbing one of these! Learn more about the STM Studio for iPad mini.

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MSRP: $39.99

What I Like: Good protection from bumps; Scratch protection thanks to the microsuede interior; Two position stand works well

What Needs Improvement: Adds bulk and weight to the thin and light iPad mini

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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