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December 10, 2013 • Gear Bits

New Space Runner Game Galaxy Run Blasts onto iTunes App Store!

Galaxy Run

Galaxy Run

‘Auto-runner’ games are fan favorites, and I know my kids have enjoyed a variety of them. A new release has gotten loads of attention with some new features and fun twists on standard gameplay elements – Galaxy Run. The game is featured on the app store and feedback from a couple of friends is that Galaxy Run is a blast!

Here are the features:

In Galaxy Run players assume the role of explorer Rez, who is forced to land in an unknown system filled with a host of hazards, from perilous plunges and razor sharp spikes to laser security systems.

Game Features
• Run through 360 levels set on three separate themed worlds: Deep Space (Perseus), Desert Planet (Drak-Nok) and Blue World (Aquarian)
• Eighteen gameplay features including anti-gravity, speed boosters, grappling hooks, springboards, player firing cannon, enemy guns, and alien robots
• Simple one-touch pick up and play mechanics with enough difficulty and depth for hardcore gamers
• Hours of gameplay with an enormous amount of content

Head to the iTunes App Store and check it out – it only costs $0.99!

Here is the trailer:

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