Reveal and Protect Your iPhone 5C with x-doria’s Scene Plus for iPhone 5c

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If you bought the iPhone 5C, then it is a pretty good guess you like color. That’s great until you realize that most cases hide the colorful iPhones behind a protective layer, which is where the x-doria Scene Plus for iPhone 5C steps in: it protects your iPhone 5C even as it allows the color to reveal itself.

From x-doria:

Scene Plus is fantastic protection, accented by new 3D patterns. Designed to look great no matter which color iPhone you have, Scene Plus features three unique patterns, exclusive to X-Doria, each created by a multi-layer printing process. The result is a subtle but eye-catching effect caused by the depth of the prints and brightness of colors. This 3D process makes the patterns truly appear to shift and move as you view the case from different angles. The richness of the colors stand out to finish the appeal of our latest offering. Scene Plus also includes a wrap around, rubber bumper that features a front, raised bezel to protect your screen from table tops and other potential hazards. Volume and lock buttons are covered and protected as well by the grippy, rubber frame. With all of this, Scene Plus is a very slim-fitting case that keeps you iPhone protected yet pocketable.

This line of cases feature:

  • Exclusive, multi-layer, stand out patterns
  • Hard outer shell to shield against impact
  • Soft rubber bumper protects against jolts; Protects volume and lock buttons
  • Raised front bezel helps protect your iPhone screen

X Doria

From the front the Scene Plus is hard to see and is anything but recognizable. That’s a good thing since it means the case won’t get in the way of your accessing the iPhone’s screen. Flip the case over however and you’ll enjoy a design that is impressively simple but strikingly unique.

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The side covers the iPhone 5C’s plastic buttons but allows unfettered access to the mute toggle.

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Similarly, the bottom allows complete access to the speaker, Lightning connector, microphone and 3.5mm headphone jack but also offers complete protection of the phone’s bottom. That protection extends to the corners of the phone.

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The top is completely protected. The case covers the sleep/awake/power button but still allows it to function as if it is not there.

X Doria

Most importantly, the protection offered by the case wraps the sides and corners in a manner that promises to keep them safe even if you are a bit of a klutz. And while some cases LOOK like they are protective, the Scene Plus has the advantage of looking like you are using it because you like the style of the case rather than the protection.

The Scene Plus for iPhone 5C comes in three different designs and it under $30. The company also offers a more visually simple case that employs the same great design for $5 less. Learn more here.

MSRP: $29.99

What I Like: Good protection from a minimalist case; Cool colors and designs; Let’s the iPhone 5C’s color come through

What Needs Improvement: No “extras” included

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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