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January 6, 2014 • Events

Blue Microphone (Sort Of) Reveals their New Mo-Fi Headphones

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The teasers were compelling. “Mo-Fi is coming” they said. The video look didn’t reveal much more. And the early release? It got us interested without revealing anything new. One thing became clear- Blue Microphone, a company whose products we love, was getting into the headphone business. That could only be good for those of us who love our music.

John Maier, CEO of Blue notes:

We are ready for the next innovation in headphones and the market is ready now too. We set out to do what no one else is doing: to end the compromise music lovers make when they listen on their mobile devices. In the past, the headphone industry has approached this compromise with clever workarounds, but we simply went ahead and solved it. We’re prepared to unleash Mo-Fi, true mobile high-fidelity.

Yes, Blue is taking their 20 years of audio experience and applying it to the headphone market and, in the process, promising that “Mo-Fi is the end of sacrifice”. The Mo-Fi microsite just went live and we will have more to share as it comes in. For now, click here to check out the teaser video.

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