Get Yourself a More Portable USB-C Laptop Charger from FINsix

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A few months ago we reviewed the FINsix Dart Laptop charger, which is a slim laptop charger that not only makes your backpack that much lighter but leaves a smaller footprint that the typical brick that comes with most laptops. So it’s no surprise that the company has announced an update, which continues on the success of the original Dart.


The DART-C is FINsix’s latest offering, which is the more portable solution for those of you with USB Type-C devices. The 65-watt laptop charger is four times smaller than the traditional A/C adapter that comes bundled with most laptops, more specifically the latest MacBook Pro and the Google Pixel Chromebook. In fact, the DART-C not only works with USB Type-C laptops, but it can even charge up smartphones that require the same cable to get a charge.

“With DART-C, we are continuing to remove the pain points of mobile travel, in addition to challenging accepted norms for how we charge devices,” said Vanessa Green, FINsix CEO. “Today’s announcement marks an extension of the new class of smaller, lighter, and higher performance consumer electronics.”

One bonus of the FINsix DART-C is the fact that it has a detachable cable, that eliminated tripping over it after forgetting it’s there due to its small footprint; it’s actually available in a host of colors such as blue, gunmetal, magenta, orange, and silver. Available for only $99.99, it’s cheaper than a replacement charger from a brick and mortar store but is certainly the accessory to have for both new customers or customers who’ve previously used the DART but have since upgraded to USB Type-C.

Head over to FINsix’s site today for more information. 

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