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January 7, 2014 • News

Tabtor Math Personal Math Tutoring for iPad is at CES

Tabtor Personal Math Tutoring

Tabtor Personal Math Tutoring

We were at Barnes & Noble and saw one of our son’s friends who missed a bunch of school due to illness being tutored. It made us think about how stressful it is when you’re behind – even one you love! Tabtor Math Personal Math Tutoring for iPad is at CES talking about how math can be fun and easy to learn!

Tabtor is an app that is part of a $49 per month service that helps children learn math. But they also have a general interest in helping kids learn, and are participating in the ‘Cool Products for Moms’ exhibit at CES to demonstrate their products and services.

We are excited to be participating in the Cool Products for Moms exhibit along with other great products geared towards moms and families on the CES show floor. This exhibit will turn up the heat on some of the newest topics like what’s the coolest “mom” tech at CES!

In addition, we will be unveiling the launch of a national movement to help provide more personalized learning to students through HowLearningWorks.Org website on Tuesday, January 7 2014. The goal will be to invite participation from all concerned, especially teachers, school administrators, parents and the media, to start a national dialogue of what it will take to make learning more personalized again and use the appropriate tools and technology to drive increase in student performance.

You can get more info from the PR site from their launch last summer. The app is available on iTunes, and they have a few videos on YouTube.

Here is their CES 2014 video:

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