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One of Elana’s most oft-used phrases is, “You get what you pay for.” In the case of the pricey FLOTE m2 Floor Stand tablet stand that is indeed true. What you’ll pay for is the best tablet stand I have ever used, and I suspect that will remain true for quite some time.


Tablet Floor Stand for iPad Kindle eReaders | FLOTE

True story — I got back from my trip to Detroit for #FordNAIAS and was completely exhausted. I flopped down on the bed fully clothed and moved my iPad air- held by the FLOTE m2 tablet stand- into position above my head and began watching a movie. Elana walks into the room, takes one look at me and says, “You really do love that thing, huh?” She pauses for a moment and then continues, “It is pretty darn awesome!”

That says everything that needs to be said about the FLOTE m2 floor standing tablet stand. “It is pretty darn awesome!” At $299.95 the Flote m2 should impress and… It does. This is a tablet holder that is amazingly well-made, looks fantastic, works with pretty much every tablet on the planet and will last a lifetime. Yes, it is constructed that well!

Here’s a look on video.

As the company notes,

FLOTE enables you to effortlessly adjust (& re-adjust) your tablet to your “just right” viewing preferences. Your tablet experience instantly becomes ergonomically correct, more relaxing and a lot more enjoyable.

Features Include:

  • Enables hours of hands-free, discomfort-free ergonomic use of tablets and e-readers.
  • Supports virtually any tablet on the market, with or without a case.* No special adapters required.
  • Magnetic Ball Joint technology enables you to position your tablet in virtually any orientation freely & easily.
  • Thoughtfully engineered to enable simple, fluid adjustment for use in virtually any situation. FLOTE enhances your tablet experience while using your iPad, tablet or e-reader in bed, on a sofa or your favorite chair, and more.
  • Elegant and clean design complements any interior setting.
  • Precision manufacturing insures flawless functionality that you will enjoy for years to come.

Weighing in at an impressive 32.4 pounds, this tablet stand is the best of the best. Let’s walk through its features and then address why I think it is the best tablet stand on the market.

The Base

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For a tablet stand to really work it needs, first and foremost, to be stable. After all, if you are putting a tablet that cost hundreds of dollars in a stand the last thing you want is for it to be flopping over and breaking the tablet or, depending upon where it lands, your head. 🙂 Thanks to the heavy base of the FLOTE m2 this is probably the most stable tablet stand I have tried. Better still, putting it together is as easy as setting the vertical post into the base and tightening one screw.

The Fulcrum

Gear Diary Flote M2 Tablet Stand 07

The angle of the stand is primarily controlled by the junction point between the vertical post and the arm.

Tablet Floor Stand for iPad Kindle eReaders | FLOTE

This is also the most vulnerable part of the system. Thankfully there is simply no way this is going to break… EVER. The metal is solid and thick and the adjustment point is made especially strong thanks to two, rather than one, weld point connecting it to the arm.

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To adjust the angle of the arm you simply loosen the handle, move things into position and then tighten it once again. No tools or fussing is required! It is remarkably simple in its functionality yet it is able to remains aesthetically pleasing in a manner that reflects the artistic mind from which the design was born.

Gear Diary Flote M2 Tablet Stand 32

And did I mention the FLOTE m2 is made from some seriously heavy metal??

The Counterbalance

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At the end of the m2’s arm is a weighty counterbalance. It is made from solid metal, is nicely refined and does its job perfectly. Working in conjunction with the aforementioned adjustment point the stand is able to hold any tablet at pretty much any angle.

The Arm-Length Adjustment Junction

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With the boom fully retracted the tablet sits at 32″. That goes to over 46″ when the boom is fully extended. And, thanks to the design of the m2, it is as stable with the boom extended as it is when it is retracted.

The thoughtful design of the boom junction also means it is simple to extend and retrace the arm. Simply loosen the metal junction point, move the arm into the designed position and hand-tighten. That’s it. You will, of course, want to make sure the adjustment is fully tightened or else the tablet may shift position slightly. This happened to me when I began using the FLOTE m2. It wasn’t an issue but was something I quickly learned to address.

The Tablet Gripper

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Hold My iPad So I Don’t Have To

No, that’s not the technical name of the portion of the m2 that grabs hold of the tablet but with its claw-like design the word “gripper” seems appropriate. Like the rest of the m2, the tablet gripper is made of metal. Springs allow the two pieces to extend and retract. This, in turn, enables the FLOTE m2 to work with almost every tablet.

Elegant Thoughtful Precise

Smaller tablets are held in portrait mode while larger tablets like my iPad air go into it in landscape. Most cases also work with the FLOTE m2. That’s a nice benefit.


12 Gear Diary Flote m2 Jan 16 2014 11 55 AM 21 1

Okay so maybe we have to use the singular “magnet” since there is one (super-duper-holy-crap-this-is-strong) magnet that holds the tablet gripper to the arm. More than that however, the magnet also serves as the angle adjustment.

Yes, it grips so tightly that you can put your tablet into whatever position you want and it won’t move. It is THAT strong!

FLOTE | Hands Free Tablet Stands for iPad Kindle eReaders

If you get the sense I like the FLOTE m2 Tablet Stand you are wrong. I LOVE this tablet accessory. It looks great, is amazingly refined, does its job perfectly and is simple to use. I have had it at my desk, by my bed and in the kitchen. It worked perfectly in each situation and looked great doing so. Yes, this is a pricey proposition but for the price you get the best tablet stand on the market… And one that will likely outlast your next ten tablets. It is that well made.

Check it out and then order yours here on FloteYourTablet.

MSRP: $299.95

What I Like: Gorgeous; Simple to put together; Solid; Adjustable; Works with almost every tablet; Works with most cases; Will outlast your current tablet and then some

What Needs Improvement: Pricey

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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