CrystalTech Nano 2.0 Liquid Screen Protector: Scratch Resistant, Water-Repellant, Bubble-Free, & Antibacterial

While at IFA, I managed to drop my phone not once, but three times — face-down. This chipped the glass protector I was using to the point that I was worried I might cut myself on it, so I removed it. I’m trying something new now, the CrystalTech Nano 2.0 Liquid Screen Protector.

CrystalTech Nano touts its liquid screen protector as having these properties:


Included in the package are a microfiber wipe, instructions, and the two-step cleaner and nano technology materials in a packet.


CrystalTech Nano is a truly revolutionary product that contains pure, particle free, Silicon Dioxide – SiO2 – which means that it contains “pure glass”. The glass is in a molecular form and is held in a liquid. It doesn’t become “glass” until it’s allowed to dry. This forms the base of our proprietary formulation. The nano-coating contained in Crystaltech Nano not only protects the device from surface damage but also keep it hygienic as it contains an anti bacterial formula. In recent tests many devices were found to harbor various undesirable viruses and other illness causing microbes but a device coated in Crystaltech Nano helps stop these bugs bonding themselves to the surface and help maintain a positive tech-hygeine plan. Recent independent laboratory tests attest to more than 99.9% of bacteria being eliminated over time with the use of Crystaltech nano!

Application is pretty straightforward:

  • Clean your device with the included isopropyl alcohol wipe
  • Dry your device with the included microfiber cloth


  • Apply the pre-treated swab in a circular motion over your device’s entire screen


  • Wait 5 minutes
  • Polish your device’s screen with the microfiber cloth


  • Your device’s screen is ready for normal use after 60 seconds


  • The coating will fully cure within 48 hours

That’s it!

There are no bubbles, my screen is crystal clear, and I was even able to use the wipes to do two phone screens. The packaging makes it clear that the kit can do a phone or a tablet, so I figured why not?

I’m not willing to take a box-cutter or other sharp object to my phone’s screen, so I will leave you with this video …


The CrystalTech Nano 2.0 liquid screen protector is a great solution for those of us who have issues getting a stick-on protector straight, or who hate the look or feel of a protector sitting on top of their phone or tablet’s screen. I haven’t yet dropped my iPhone face down since applying the CrystalTech Nano 2.0, but if I do and there are any issues, I’ll update this review at that time.

The CrystalTech Nano 2.0 Liquid Screen Protector retails for $19.99, and it is available directly from the manufacturer*.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Easy to install; no bubbles; Enough in the package to do a couple of phones or a tablet; Invisible protection

What Needs Improvement: Nothing so far!

*Turn your volume down when you click-through to their site: soft EDM starts as a YouTube video autoplays.

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3 Comments on "CrystalTech Nano 2.0 Liquid Screen Protector: Scratch Resistant, Water-Repellant, Bubble-Free, & Antibacterial"

  1. This looks like the perfect solution for devices like Galaxy S7 with curved edges, which traditional screen protectors have a hard time dealing with. But the question I had was if for some reason you don’t like this one, I guess there’s no way to take it off is there, since it’s now a coating on your screen? This looks great, but is it too good to be true? Right now I’m not seeing a downside, and Judie you saw no negatives.

  2. To answer some of my own questions, I found on Amazon a number of products like this, with varying prices and as you might imagine, various levels of customer satisfaction. For some it’s the greatest invention ever, but for others they scream at the first sign of a scratch. Of course it’s hard to determine whether the scratch is in the new coating or the screen. From reading up on the competing products I’d say the biggest issue is how long the product lasts on your screen. The manufacturers often say at least 2 years, but some say for best results you need to reapply after a year or so. I think if you’re going to go this route you should budget 6-9 months. Some of the products are sold in multi-packs for that reason. Based on that, I’d say this product would be best for phones with curved screens, like the galaxy S7 and S7 edge, where the more traditional screen protectors have had issues covering the edges. But I think for other phones your best bet is likely still a good glass protector. Just my two cents.

  3. raleigh1208, I apologize for not noticing your comment sooner — I didn’t receive a notification that you had made it!

    In any case, so far I have no complaints whatsoever. I figure that if I am willing to re-apply it every 6-9 months (as you mentioned) it should continue to do well for me. That’s about as long as any of my other screen protectors last, so I have no complaints. =)

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