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January 20, 2014 • Gear Bits

PBA Bowler Jason Belmonte Wears Google Glass While Qualifying for Tournament of Champions

Jason Belmonte

PBA Bowler Jason Belmonte wearing Glass

We’ve seen helmet cams in football, in NASCAR in-car videos, and as point of view from other sports, but never bowling. Bowling is harder to video this way, as the bowler usually doesn’t wear headgear; with Google Glass this is now possible.  PBA’s Jason Belmonte recorded rolling a 297 in the Tournament of Champions qualifier while wearing Glass.

Above is some of the coolest Google Glass video I have seen. In the video you see the last few frames of Jason’s 297, and his disappointment when he misses that last strike.  It is also a testament to how well Glass stays on your head because Jason also bowls with a unique 2 handed delivery. The video below shows how Jason Belmonte throws the ball.

Have you seen any other Google Glass video that could not be possible without Glass? What is the coolest video you’ve seen when shot through Glass? What kind of video would you make if you had Glass?  Share your ideas below.

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