GazerGlass Adds 1500mAh to Google Glass’s Puny Battery

GazerGlass Adds 1500mAh to Google Glass's Puny Battery

One thing I love about my Google Glass is that it takes better hands-free video than anything else I’ve seen. One thing I dislike is that in under 40 minutes of shooting video, without some kind of external battery pack, Glass’s battery will die. For $50, GazerGlass adds a 1500 mAh battery to the skinnier Glass arm. Not too shabby!

They say:

GAZERglass will extend the lifetime of your Google Glass battery dramatically! Forget about charging your Glass during the day!
Our idea is to enhance Google Glass battery life with a single push of a button. GAZERglass is a battery pack that extends your Google Glass power almost three times more than its original capacity.
GAZERglass is a concept project of an IT company Worldintercom, Inc. based in New York, U.S. in cooperation with design company SMIRNOVDESIGN, LLC. based in Moscow, Russia.

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GazerGlass Adds 1500mAh to Google Glass's Puny Battery

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  • loopyduck

    Wow, it weighs twice as much as the entire Google Glass! I know it needs to be that heavy to have a massive battery, but I can’t help but wonder how it would feel having almost an iPhone 5 pushing down on your left ear all the time.

    • Yeah, it doesn’t seem like it would be very comfortable for long, does it? =P

      • loopyduck

        Well, I had to try it after saying it… hanging an iPhone 5 from my ear.

        Got out a few rubber bands, paper, and tape; wrapped my phone up; secured the mess to my Glass; and walked around for a bit (Don’t try this at home, folks!).

        Verdict: it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it’d be, but it definitely felt out of balance. Of course, the center of gravity of the phone was a lot lower than that of GAZERglass, and the whole contraption was certainly more than 100 grams…

        Sorry, no photos 😛

        • If you don’t post photos, then it never happened. 😉

    • GAZERglass

      It isn’t so heavy how you can thought 🙂 and we have done a lot of work with balancing device. By the way, we are planning to develop 2 other batteries with different weight and capacity in mid 2014.

      • Keep us posted; we’ll be happy to cover all of these products as they become available.

        • GAZERglass

          Sure Judie!