Samsung Note 3 Kit-Kat Update Reportedly Disables Third-Party Accessories


Back in October, word began to spread that Samsung was looking at integrating some type of authenticity recognition chip into all official accessories. Without this chip some advanced functions such as wireless charging, sleep/wake functions may not work on third-party accessories.

The chip is seen as one way for Samsung to exert some control over the accessory market in much the same way Apple does with their chipped power cords.

A report today from SAMMOBILE indicates that the recent Android 4.4  Kit-Kat update – which has begun rolling out overseas – may be activating an authentication requirement within the Note 3 causing some third-party accessories stop working.  At least one forum member at XDA Developers indicated his Spigen S-View Flip case stopped working after the Kit-Kat update was applied.

It doesn’t seem as if all is lost though. If you have rooted your Note 3, there is a workaround to allow the 3rd parties cases, covers, and chargers to work.Your Note 3 will need to be running Xposed Framework; head here for the more info and the fix.


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