Valentine’s Day Gifts That Will Leave You Single on February 15th


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Ah Valentines Day. That heartwarming day filled with love, chocolate, over-priced cards and, of course, terrible gifts that far too often backfire on the giver. Sure, you can get the love of your life a Lexus tied in a red bow, but what will you do the following year? Here are a few gifts we really don’t recommend you giving.


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The Tampon Stealth Flask 5 Pack

Yes, this is a real product that is available on Amazon. People even seem to purchase and use them.

Super sneaky and awesome! Yet another genius way to sneak alcohol into ANYWHERE. The caps don’t stay on too tight so don’t expect them to take a beating. Oh and I wish the product came with extra “wrappers” as washing them out is awkward. But still, my friends were all in AWE.

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This came to our attention the other day when Wayne shared the following:

Sadly I think event companies already have this all figured out. When Jen and I were in NY this summer, we passed a big fenced in event. One sign had a list of things you could not bring in. Opened tampon wrappers was one.

Now you know.

Yes, now we DO know, and we really don’t recommend this as a gift for Valentines Day gift … or any other day for that matter.

What else wouldn’t we recommend? How about…


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The Wine Rack

The Wine Rack Drinking Bladder Apparatus lets, “your “A” cups can become “D”elicious cups of your favorite beverages”. This too is a real product that will let you sneak drinks into events while increasing your figure. The Wine Rack fits sizes 34B – 38C and, best of all, is currently on sale for $10 off the regular price of $39.95.

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Nothing says “Honey I hate your figure, and could you carry my booze for me?” better than this!

Of course, there are plenty of other bad gifts you COULD get. For example…

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The iPhone Purse Case

These cases are under $10 and are intended more as a joke than anything else, but they are so cheesy that we just aren’t getting the joke.

Unfortunately, these next cases are no joke, and they come from a company that previously made some fantastic ones. Yes, the times they are a’changin’.


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Case-Mate’s Brilliance Case

Case-Mate used to make some of our favorite cases. No longer. And as Carly recently posted, they seem to think women only love blingy things and men only want rough and tumble stuff. Well this case certainly is blingy. In addition, it will leave the love of your life saying, “You spent $80 on THAT??” Yes, your lack of taste in cases is sure to make her start wondering about her taste in men.

Of course, if you want more lessons in what not to buy someone, you could always check out…


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The website “Why Did You Buy Me That?” has plenty of great ideas about what not to buy. What’s the worst Valentines Day gift you have ever gotten? Let us know in the comments below.

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