Sno Brum Review – a Must for Snowy Winters

Sno Brum Review - a Must for Snowy Winters

We have had an unusually high amount of snow in my area this winter. It means I’ve spent what felt like hours cleaning off our cars, but hopefully cleaning off our vehicles will be a bit easier with our newest purchase — a Sno Brum!

If you’ve never tried to clean snow off the roof of a crossover SUV, let me enlighten you: it’s not easy unless you’re Reid Richards from the Fantastic Four. When I tried with a plain snow brush, our Ford Flex sported a snowhawk because I couldn’t get to the middle. Unfortunately, it’s the law in New Jersey that you must have the top of your vehicle cleared of snow before you drive, so this presents a challenge on nasty days. Sno Brum makes the whole process go much, much faster.

Sno Brum Review - a Must for Snowy Winters

It’s a deceptively simple design-essentially, a squeegee on a stick. What makes it special is the hard plastic core that keeps it stiff and well formed, while the soft foam edges don’t damage your paint. The result is a snow removal tool that can tackle light snow or heavy wet snow equally easily. Unlike a regular snow brush, which flings snow with bristles, the Sno Brum pulls it all in one shot. A few swipes and the snow is gone! For very icy days you may need to follow up on your windshield with an ice scraper, but anything loose doesn’t stand a chance against the Brum. The handle is telescoping, so it is compact in the car but extends long enough for me to easily reach the top of the Flex, even in the middle.

When you have all this to dig out, anything that saves a few minutes is amazing!

When you have all this to dig out, anything that saves a few minutes is amazing!

We have only used the Sno Brum for a few storms, but the person who recommended it to us has used hers through several Vermont winters, so I feel pretty confident in its durability. Even if it only lasts a few winters, it is not an expensive item to replace, but the time it saves you in snow cleanup is priceless!

MSRP: $19.99

What I Like: Soft edges with a stiff core; telescoping handle; lightweight; removes snow well

What Needs Improvement: Could save a snow implement by having a scraper on the other end.

Source: Personal purchase

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