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If you want more protection than the iFrogz Luxe Lean we reviewed the other day, but still want something that is thin and light protecting your 5th generation iPod touch, then this may be the case for you. The iFrogz Cocoon offers up great protection and is currently an amazing bargain. Normally $24.99, it is currently just $4.99.

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The iFrogz Cocoon for Apple iPod touch 5th Gen has a two-piece design that offers soft impact protection inside and a hard rigid shell on the outside. The tapered shape of the case lets it offer great protection without feeling overly boxy; the design also lets the case feel comfortable in your hand. This isn’t a sharp, angled high-protection case. No, this is a sleek case with soft lines and nice curves. The corners are shielded behind two layers and there is plenty of lay-on-the-table protection. Controls are covered, ports are open and the case just works. One might even say it wraps around the iPod touch the way a cocoon wraps around a caterpillar. The only difference is that while the caterpillar emerges transformed from the cocoon, when you take the iPod touch out of this Cocoon it will be exactly the same as it was when it went in, and that’s the point. The iFrogz Cocoon keeps the iPod touch safe without reducing its functionality, and it succeeds.

This case is definitely worth the MSRP of $24.99, but it is an absolute steal at just $4.99. Here’s a look at the two piece of the case and the way the iPod looks when it is put inside.

I’ll be using the iFrogz Luxe Lean at home, but whenever I bring my iPod touch out of the house I definitely see using this case instead.

MSRP: $24.99 but on sale for $4.99

What I Like: Thin; Light; Highly protective; Easy to put on; Easy to remove

What Needs Improvement: Nothing and at $4.99 it is a steal

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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