Bodyguardz Armor for 7th Generation iPod nano Review

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I love my iPhone and iPad, but I also wanted something small and convenient that simply played music. The 7th Generation iPod nano fit the bill perfectly and, thanks to the inclusion of Bluetooth, it is more flexible as a musical source than ever. And while this is one small, tough little music player, it does need protection. I opted for the thinnest, lightest option possible; I bought Bodyguardz Armor, and it is all the protection I need. Here’s a quick look.

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We’ve written extensively about the Bodyguardz Armor series. It is my default scratch protection on everything from my 15″ MacBook pro, to my iPad, to my iPad mini. It seemed to be the best possible option for something that is as small and thin as the nano and, after using it for the last few weeks, I can safely say that is indeed the case.


  • Durable, Ultra-Thin, Stylish Protection
  • Easy To Apply And Remove
  • Strong PVC Based, Carbon Fiber Textured Film
  • This is a skin, not a case
  • Custom Designed
  • Includes ScreenGuardz Ultra Tough Screen Protection

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The Armor film itself ones in three pieces. There is a back plate that wraps around the back and sides of the nano. Notice the cutout for the Play/Pause, Volume Up/Volume Down button? It is all rather precise.

The kit also comes with a thin film for both the top and the bottom of the nano. I didn’t expect that I would use these, but I have actually found them to be a nice addition to the protection offered by the Armor.

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Here’s a look at my nano wrapped in the Bodyguardz Armor. As you can see there is a slight gap at the bottom that leaves just a tiny bit of the device exposed. Otherwise there is complete coverage. I like that.

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The Bodyguardz Armor comes with a screen protector as well. This is, after all, a touchscreen device, and you want to keep it as scratch free as possible. The screen protector is a dry install. I recommend taking your time when putting it in place. I didn’t ,and it is one of the worst screen protector installs I can remember.

In all the Bodyguardz Armor Series for the 7th Generation iPod nano is a great way to wrap your nano in a layer of scratch protection. No, it won’t protect the device from drops but if you are interested in keeping Apple’s latest small touchscreen device as pristine as possible it is worth the investment. You can learn more and order yours here.

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MSRP: $15.95

What I Like: Adds thin, light protection without adding weight or bulk; Close to complete protection

What Needs Improvement: Screen film is included and needs to be placed on the device with great care less it detract from the otherwise clean lines

Source: Personal purchase

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    I’m a little confused; is there any actual carbon fiber in this skin, or is it just faking it?

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