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February 25, 2014 • Health and Fitness

MyTennisCam Helps You Hone Your Court Skills!

If you are a recreational tennis player, chances are you wish you could improve your game but lack the time and/or money to join a club and get a coach. But now with MyTennisCam, you can simply mount a camera, switch it on and start playing! This IndieGoGo project promises to provide feedback and analytics to help you play better.

Simply place MyTennisCam on the pole of the net and start playing. Three built in high-speed cameras and sensors track your movement and the trajectory of the ball in real-time. All of the game’s data and your stats are automatically sent to your iOS or Android phone. Track it all: aces, double faults, fastest serve, unforced errors … everything. A built in line calling system even tells you if the ball is in or out. Best of all, based on your game, get tips on how to improve and anticipate your opponents next move.



You can learn more about MyTennisCam at their IndieGoGo site, or at their web site.

Here is the video:

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