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February 25, 2014 • Events, Gear Bits, Health and Fitness

Heartbeat Analytics by Firstbeat Powers New Samsung Products

Samsung Galaxy S5 with Heartrate Sensor

Samsung Galaxy S5 with Heartrate Sensor

One key new feature announced with the Samsung Galaxy S5 was the heartrate sensor. Located below the camera on back, the sensor grabs data from your fingertip and analyzes it to give heartrate feedback. The sensor – also in the Gear Fit, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo – is powered by Heartbeat Analytics by Firstbeat, and they’ve provided more details!

Here is some information from the press release:

“The technology analyzes how your body is actually working, and offers user-friendly feedback for improving your physical fitness, tailored to your own level. No more guesswork, the product will for example tell whether your exercise is sufficient to maintain or improve your fitness level,” says Aki Pulkkinen, Director of Consumer Technologies at Firstbeat.

The Firstbeat technology uses the heartrate sensor along with advanced heart rate variability (HRV) modeling to model the user’s physiological state at the time of measurement. It allows it to be more than just a heartrate sensor.

Firstbeat is in all of the new Samsung products, and also in recently released Garmin GPS watches, and other new health technology devices.

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