Storage Wars: Google Slashes Storage Prices to 50% of OneDrive and 75% of DropBox Costs

storage-warsGoogle  announced  it has reduced pricing for supplemental storage for its Google Drive (As well as Gmail and Google+ Photos which both draw from the same storage bucket). Whereas the monthly fee for 100 GB used to be $4.99, the new price is $1.99/mo.

Doing some quick “back of napkin math” website re/code works that out to $23.88 per 100 GB for  Drive, $50 for the same storage on Microsoft and $99 on Dropbox.



As noted above, remember that this storage is shared between multiple Google services, so you’ll only need to pay once rather than subscribe for each service (Gmail, Drive, Google+ Photos). And all Google accounts offer an initial free 15 GB of data with Google Apps paid accounts including 30 GB.

Purchasers of certain Google Chromebooks also are eligible for an added 100 GB storage for 1 year. It remains to be seen whether this latest price reduction will set off a further round of price cuts from competitors, but it seems like a good bet.

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5 Comments on "Storage Wars: Google Slashes Storage Prices to 50% of OneDrive and 75% of DropBox Costs"

  1. Doug Miller | March 14, 2014 at 1:53 pm |

    I am thinking about switching from Dropbox if this pricing differential sticks – my Dropbox renewal date is in December. I don’t necessarily have a problem paying Dropbox $99 a year, but I don’t have a problem paying less, and I can’t think of much that Dropbox does that I can’t do instead with Google Drive. I have one app that syncs using Dropbox only, but that’s easy enough with a free 5 GB account.

    Right now I have an extra 50 GB in Google Drive from my Motorola phone I bought last year, at least until October, so I should be able to test this out.

  2. I think that it’s (past) time for me drop DropBox. I recently had to up my plan to 200GB, and that’s $200/year versus the $50/year I pay for a 200GB legacy plan with Google. It’s stupid to even continue with DropBox, really. =/

  3. I never paid Dropbox because I just didn’t want to spend that much when everyone else was throwing around storage for free. Between Google Drive and Onedrive I have a ton of storage, and Microsoft keeps throwing extra storage out there every month.
    Dropbox needs to seriously reevaluate before they get run out of the market.
    Sent from my iPad

  4. What this does for me is I have to evaluate moving all my cloud storage to Google Drive with this price differential. I have way too many cloud storage services (Google Drive, DropBox, One Drive, Bitcasa, Amazon, Kloudless, and more because I signed up for any free services offered). I have attempted to manage this splintered approach with apps that can access all the services but nothing is more simple than just having all your data in one cloud location. This new pricing differential looks to be just what I needed to consolidate everything. Not sure I like it but Google is taking over my digital life…gahhh

  5. Gahhh, indeed. I think that’s why I had held out transferring my DropBox files to Google for so long, but now I am in process. =P

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