Stochastik Gives Us the Probability-Based Drum Pattern Machine for iPad

Stochastik Gives Us the Probability-Based Drum Pattern Machine for iPad

The term ‘stochastic’ means ‘non-deterministic’, or a process influenced by a random factor or variable. The new Stochastik drum pattern machine takes a weighted random factor approach to pattern generation for the iPad.

You are actually setting a probability at each step in the sequence that a sound will trigger. The result is amazingly varied patterns – and you can export the results to GarageBand or other apps. The one thing missing in version 1.0 is MIDI, but that is coming soon according to developers.

Here are some details:

15 Samples at a time, arranged in 3 banks of 5
Over a thousand included drum, cymbal and percussion sounds — acoustic, analog and digital. Learn more at
32 Voices so you will have plenty of polyphony
Bounce to 44.1Khz/16bit wav audio files
Background Audio – the audio will continue to play when you switch apps.
Coming Soon: Export each drum as a separate track for mixing in your digital audio workstation
Sequencing Features:

Stochastic programming of dynamic beats As many Patterns, Songs and Kits as you can fit on your device.
Patterns can be 16, 32 or 64 steps long, and you can easily copy them to make tweaks.
Quick touch pads on sequencer screen for jamming, recording your beats and making quick tweaks
Sliders instead of knobs. I wish every music app got rid of knobs
Precise Entry (tap a number to bring up the keyboard) for maximum control over volume, pan, bpm and shuffle
Coming Soon: Mute / Solo, Set Volume per step.
Integration Features:

Import/Export wav files, songs, patterns and kits through Email, iTunes File Sharing, the Dropbox iPad App and more
AudioCopy & Pasteboard support to use your drum patterns in GarageBand, BeatMaker and other compatible apps.
Full “Open In…” support for working with other apps
WIST so you can wirelessly sync Stochastik with other devices –
Coming Soon: MIDI

Head to the iTunes App Store and check out Stochastik for iPad for $4.99!

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