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March 15, 2014 • News

$699 AKG K712 Pro Headphones Video First Look

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I’m a huge fan of AKG headphones. I reviewed the AKG K551 and continue to enjoy using them. When I saw the MSRP $699 AKG K712 Pro Headphones for just over $300 over on Massdrop, I jumped. They were still pricey, but you get what you pay for. These headphones are amazing. Here’s my first video look.


Like the AGK K551 headphones we reviewed here, the AKG K712 Pro Headphones are huge. Surprisingly these over-the-ear headphones are surprisingly light and amazingly comfortable. Because these are open-back headphones they sound don’t do a great job of isolating you from the ambient noise surrounding you. That’s actually by design since the open-back design lets the drivers move more freely and, as a result, sound amazing. We’ll be doing a full review after we’ve let the K712s burn in and have used them more. For now, here’s our first look at these amazing headphones.


I am enjoying the AKG K712 Pro Headphones and am quite pleased with the purchase. I have a friend who uses these cans for mixing. I’ll just be using them to enjoy my music when I’m sitting at my desk writing. We’ll look at them more closely the K712s in the full review. And make sure to check out all the cool stuff currently available through Massdrop by clicking here!

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