Poldera X4000 Portable Power Bank & Wall Charger is a Powerful Accessory

PolX4B-1The Poldera X4000 is a portable power bank and wall charger that packs an impressive 4000 mAh battery capacity.  It’s key features include foldable AC prongs for wall charging, dual 2.1a and 1.0a USB output, and a 1.0a Micro USB-in port for charging when a wall outlet is not available.  The Poldera X4000 can be purchased for $59.99. 1-Poldera X4000 Gear DiaryWith today’s high-tech devices, unfortunately, comes high-level battery consumption.  Although most device manufacturers try to minimize the amount of power consumed by these high-powered devices, a lot of today’s cell phones don’t last a full day with moderate-to-heavy usage.  For instance, I use my iPhone 5 sparingly during the day since I work at a desk all day.  I find that I’ll need to top off the battery sometime in the afternoon in order to keep from playing the “let’s find the charger” game around 9pm that night.  So, if you find yourself on-the-go and don’t have constant access to a reliable source of power, like I do, you’ll want to find yourself a portable power bank like the Poldera X4000. 2-Poldera X4000 Gear Diary-001The Poldera packs some impressive features beyond its impressive 4000mAh lithium-polymer battery.  Just to put it into perspective, 4000 mAh is enough juice to recharge a dead iPhone 5S (1,570 mAh battery) about 2.54 times.  It can also charge a dead Samsung Galaxy S5 (2,400 mAh battery) about 1.4 times.  Beyond the excellent battery capacity, my favorite feature of the Poldera X4000 is it’s foldable AC prongs that allow you to plug the X4000 directly into a wall outlet to recharge.  This allows you to recharge the X4000 without needing to find any additional cables.  It also allows the X4000 to serve as a substitute wall charger when on the go; in case you don’t have your normal wall charger available. 3-Poldera X4000 Gear Diary-002The Poldera X4000 also features dual USB outputs in 2.1a and 1.0a.  The 2.1a USB output is good for high-powered devices like tablets and the 1.0a USB output is good for cell phones.  However, you can use the 2.1a output for phones in order to charge them faster.  But you wouldn’t want to use the 1.0a output for tablets unless you don’t mind waiting a while.  A feature exclusive to the Poldera X4000 is it’s 1.0a Micro USB-in port which allows you to recharge the battery pack via a car or dc plug during power outages or when a wall outlet is not available.  The X4000 is also smart, in that it’ll turn off once your device is fully charged.  It also will turn itself off after 20 seconds if it detects that there are no devices charging.  According to an estimate from Poldera, the X4000 provides an additional 16 hours of talk time, 650 hours of standby time, 22 hours of internet browsing, 90 hours of music, or 22 hours of video, depending on power needs and battery sizes. 4-Poldera X4000 Gear Diary-003 Physically, the Poldera X4000 reminds me of a stealth bomber with its sleek black look and its patent pending rhombus design.  The X4000 has a soft, almost-suede texture to it, so it feels good in your hand and you’d probably be able to find it in a bag or purse pretty easily by feel.  The front of the power bank has the Poldera X4000 logo as well as a button and 4 LED lights.  The button serves multiple functions, allowing you to either check the remaining juice in the X4000 as well as turning it’s charging function on or off.  The LED lights let you know how much power the bank has left in 25% increments.  I’ve also been told that you can customize the X4000 with your own logo, which is a pretty cool feature.  The left side of the X4000 has the 1.0a USB-out port as well as the 1.0a Micro USB-in port.  The bottom of the X4000 has the 2.1a USB-out port, while the top and right sides are blank.  The underside of the X4000 has foldable AC prongs as well as the sticker with the model number, and all that technical information.

Charging my iPhone 5 with a separate cable.

Charging my iPhone 5 with a separate cable.

The X4000 also comes with a Poldera Candi Cord Tri 6” charging cord.  This neat little cable isn’t very long, but it’s got three of the most common connectors on it:  30pin for past generation Apple devices, Micro USB, and Mini USB.  The patent pending TriConnector is up to 27% thinner, 15% narrower, and 70% longer than many standard connectors, which allows for charging with many protective cases.  The connector and cable have the same almost-suede texture as the X4000 power bank, so everything matches together nicely.  I only wish the TriConnector had an Apple Lightning connector on it since I’ve got an iPhone 5 and a 4th generation iPad.  Poldera also sells the Candi Cord with TriConnector in 6-foot and 9-foot lengths if you’re looking for a little more distance from your power bank.

7-Poldera X4000 Gear Diary-006

The Poldera X4000 and Candi Cord with TriConnector. The TriConnector LED is blue when power is being sent through the cable.

My personal experience with the Poldera has been very positive.  I love the convenience of this high capacity power bank and the fact that I can just plug it straight into the wall to charge.  I also love the convenience of the TriConnector on the Candi Cord, which allows me to use the one cord for most of my charging needs.  My only real complaint is the lack of an Apple Lightning connector on the Candi Cord since all current generation Apple products use the Lightning connector to charge.  But needing to keep two cables round rather than four is still a great improvement.

Charging a Micro USB device with the Candi Cord with TriConnector. You can see that the LED on the TriConnector is red while charging a device.

Charging a Micro USB device with the Candi Cord with TriConnector. You can see that the LED on the TriConnector is red while charging a device.

You can purchase the Poldera X4000 Portable Power & Wall Charger directly from the manufacturer at Poldera.com.


MSRP:  $59.99

What I Like:  Cool, stealth black design; Huge battery capacity; Dual USB outputs; Micro-USB input for charging during black outs; Comes with Candi Cord with TriConnector which has three common connectors on one cord.

What Needs Improvement:  If the Poldera X4000’s Candi Cord came with an Apple Lightning connector, I’d be ecstatic.

Source:  Manufacturer supplied review sample

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