Stealth Protection with Element Case Rogue Black Ops for iPhone 5S

Element Case Rogue Black Ops for iPhone 5S

The Element Case Sector 5 Black Ops case we reviewed means business, the Element Case Solace Chroma we reviewed is refined; the Element Case Rogue Black Ops for iPhone 5S is a beast, and that’s a good thing. The rugged and protective case costs $99.95, and it is available in four different color combinations.

Element Case Rogue Black Ops for iPhone 5S Video Look


The Sector 5 case consists of top, bottom and side pieces that are all held together by a series of screws. From there you’ll also need to install the backplate if you want total protection. It gets held in place using adhesive.

The Solace Chroma simplifies things significantly. It consists of a main piece that combines the side rails and the back into a single unit. Once the phone is in place top and bottoms caps slide over the main body and screw into place.

The Element Case Rogue Black Ops iPhone 5S takes a hybrid approach that combines the best of both these approaches. In this case the side rails and top and bottom caps are a single unit that also protects the upper and lower portions of the screen. Element Case refers to this as the “chassis” and notes that it is made from “shock absorbing TPU and polycarbonate polymers”. The iPhone goes into this chassis, and then the rugged back plate locks into place thanks to some strategically placed tabs that hold chassis and backplate together as a single unit. Once this is done, two aluminum side rails snap onto the sides. These add additional protection and, thanks to their offset color, add visual interest. Small “tabs” lock the metal rails onto the chassis. The result is a rugged case that offers amazing protection that is surprisingly light.

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Here’s a look at all the various parts. Yes, this is a complex case design, but once everything is put together it makes for a tight package and an excellent user experience.

The Element Case Rogue Black Ops features:

  • A rugged, compact design protects all sides of your iPhone
  • A chassis constructed of shock absorbing TPU and polycarbonate polymers
  • Additional rear protection provided by aerospace grade carbon fiber
  • Extreme side protection provided by CNC machined T6061 aluminum
  • A belt clip/viewing stand included
  • Is designed in California by active designers and engineers

Rogue Black Ops iPhone 5 5S Case

This front view gives you a better idea of the kind of protection you will get with this case. This isn’t a Lifeproof case, but it will do a great job keeping your iPhone 5S safe from most of life’s bumps and bruises. It also lets you get a sense of just how much “lay-on-the-table” protection this case provides. The top and bottom of the screen are covered, so there is no way the screen of coming into contact with a table, desk or any other flat surface. I expected these two covered areas would get in the way, make the case feel overly bulky, or be a general alliance. I was wrong. The extra protection is great, and the downsides of this design are minimal.

Rogue Black Ops iPhone 5 5S Case

Because this case is part of the Element Case Black Ops line, the company saw fit to include one of their Tactical Holsters. We’ve discussed this accessory in other Element Case Black Ops case reviews, and my previous opinion stands — I didn’t expect I would use this holster,  but I find it to be quite helpful when I need a safe, accessible place to put my phone when on the go. Purchased on its own, this Tactical Holster would be just under $20.

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The company also includes on of their $12.95 Fuse Deck holders. The Fuse Deck is

a versatile platform for securely integrating your Element Case Sector, Rogue, or Solace case into your active lifestyle. Used alone, the Fuse Dek functions as a portable viewing stand, or can be used as a holster that attaches to almost any belt, pack, or bag strap. Furthermore, when the Fuse Dek is used with our mounting kits, hands free viewing of your iPhone is possible in your car, motorcycle/bike, or just about anywhere.

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I found myself making good use of the Fuse Dek during the period when I was reviewing the Element Case Rogue Black Ops for iPhone 5S. As a desk stand it works quite well, and I even used it on my belt a few times.

Fuse Dek

The fact that the Fuse Dek works with these mounting accessories is a huge plus if you are active and like to take your phone with you.

I honestly didn’t expect to like the Element Case Rogue Black Ops for iPhone 5S as much as I do. The sector 5 was a great case to use during and after CES 2014 and I have had my iPhone in one of the Solar Chroma cases much of the time since. This case however won me over in many ways. The balance between protection and refinement, combined with a look that I really love make it a compelling case. The fact that, for just under $100 you also get the Fuse Dek and the Tactical Holster make it a good buy too! I like the Get one.

MSRP: $99.95

What I Like: Great looking protection for your iPhone 5S; Lots of nice accessories included; Looks rugged and heavy but is surprisingly light; Mounts to many other Element Case accessories

What Needs Improvement: The Element Case Rogue Black Ops for iPhone 5S won’t appeal to all tastes

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