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November 17, 2013 • Reviews

Charge It All On the Go with the Anker 5V / 5A 5-Port Wall Charger

Anker 5V  5A 5 Port Wall Charger

The Anker 5-Port Wall Charger will be coming in quite handy during my upcoming travels. Instead of needing to carry multiple wall adapters this small rectangle of electronics will let me take just one adapter but still charge up to five different devices at a time. Best of all the $45.99 accessory is currently just $19.99 in our Amazon Store.

Anker 5V  5A 5 Port Wall Charger

The Anker 5V / 5A 5-Port Wall Charger is just 3.6 x 2.6 x 1.0in. That means it will work just as easily on a desk or nightstand as it will during your travels. And it is during those travels that it will excel. The main part of the device is made from hardened-plastic. Thanks to its unibody construction it should be able to put up with a fair bit of use and abuse. That’s important if this is going to become a key piece of travel gear.

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Top: Common Wall adapter. Bottom: Anker plug

Top: Common Wall adapter. Bottom: Anker plug

In addition, the wall plug is just that, a wall plug. There isn’t a large, bulky unit that plugs into the wall and, far to often, obstructs the other outlet or outlets. No, the electronics of the Anker 5V / 5A 5-Port Wall Charger are in the main part of the accessory not in the outlet portion.

From Anker:

  • 5-port favorite: Say goodbye to swapping out multiple adapters from a single outlet. Say hello to all-in-one charging convenience. With 5 charging ports, plug everything in at once – no choosing between your devices or spare-adapter hunting.
  • Full-speed for everyone: With an industry-high 5V / 5A total output, and ports specially designed for iPad, iPhone, Samsung Tab and Android devices, charge up all your USB-powered devices at their fully-intended charging speeds and have more time for what’s important: life.


Photo 11 17 2013 07 29 14

I especially love the fact that the USB ports are labelled for specific devices. That means you won’t have to use trial and error to find the USB port that order the right power options for your particular device. I haven’t tried charging more than two devices at a time so I can’t testify to its use with five devices simultaneously but, then again, I will rarely need to charge more than two devices at a time.

Photo 11 17 2013 07 28 33
I was happy to stumble across the Anker 5V / 5A 5-Port Wall Charger and loved the fact that it is less than half its normal price. I immediately ordered one and I’m happy I did. You will be too.

Get it for just $19.99.

MSRP: $45.99

What I Like: Charges up to five devices at a time; Wall plug is a simple plug rather than a large, get-in-the-way box like the Apple adapters; Less than half the normal price

What Needs Improvement: I’ve read some reports of device failures on Amazon

Source: Personal purchase

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