Iconic TV Snark Site ‘Television Without Pity’ Gets Cancelled

Television Without Pity


I have a specific morning reading routine. While I eat breakfast, I quickly browse Feedly for news, and then I head to Television Without Pity to catch up on the television shows I never have time to watch. Replace Feedly with Google Reader, and that’s been my routine for 10 years. On April 4th, though, TWoP is shutting down!

If you never visited Television Without Pity, set aside some time this weekend to browse around and check out the recaps. The site’s motto is “Spare the Snark, Spoil the Networks”, and their trademark has been sarcastic recaps of popular television shows. For the longest time, TWoP has been the gold standard for television analysis; their recaps are so good that my friends and I who love TWoP often joke we liked the recaps more than the episodes themselves. They also maintained some of the strictest and well-run forums on the web (seriously, I once received a warning for not using proper punctuation and capitalization in a post!)

I’m about to become far more productive each day, which I suppose is good in the long-term. And on the upside, we can blame NBC, because Television Without Pity was bought by Bravo in 2007. Everything bad in television is usually the fault of a network, and being cancelled by NBC seems like a fitting end for a site whose goal was to needle the networks.

Apparently the Television Without Pity forums will remain until May 31, but the recaps and archives will disappear on April 4th … better get to downloading your favorite recapper’s work while you can!


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