A Pictorial View of What You Miss By Watching Pirated DVD’s

A Pictorial View of What You Miss By Watching Pirated DVD's

Our younger son had his birthday at the local theater this past weekend, and part of that was getting a tour of the projection area, getting to splice a trailer into a reel, and even starting the movie they were seeing and checking audio levels. It is a really cool time, and the local theater manager does a great job with the kids. I took note that even after doing all of the start-up in the booth, getting his special theater display poster and other stuff for the kids in the party, and heading on downstairs and into our theater and being seated … we hadn’t even missed any trailers.

Our local theater is a Regal Cinema, meaning there are actual commercials before the trailers and eventually you get to the actual movie. Earlier in the week we had gotten a recently released movie from RedBox to watch, and the experience was similar – we got started late and all we really wanted to do was watch the film. Yet we had to endure the FBI warnings, a ‘you wouldn’t steal a car’ video clip, other junk and unskippable trailers before getting to the actual main menu – and of course my constant tapping of the ‘Main Menu’ button didn’t get me anywhere. I am strongly anti-piracy, but when I saw this image on Best Article Every Day this morning I just had to laugh … it is a sad reminder of how the paying customer is the one who gets punished.

A Pictorial View of What You Miss By Watching Pirated DVD's

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  1. That’s one advantage if you buy a movie through iTunes; you don’t get all that crap, either. And if you get a movie that has “iTunes Plus” features, you also get all the added stuff that would be on a DVD, but none of the FBI warnings, death threats, commercials, etc.

    Now that I think about it, when you stream content from Netflix, you don’t get any of that nonsense either. Hmmmmm . . .

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