TAG Heuer MERIDIIST INFINITE Uses Wysips Crystal Technology for Charging


The TAG Heuer MERIDIIST INFINITE phone being shown at Baselworld 2014 may be just another overpriced luxury phone of questionable smartness, but it has one trick up its sleeve that makes it pretty freaking cool — photovoltaic charging. In other words, due to Wysips Crystal Technology, the battery charges when the phone is exposed to light — sunlight or artificial(!!!).

Wysips® Crystal is a transparent photovoltaic component placed between the phone’s sapphire crystal glass and the LCD screen. Invented and developed by Sunpartner Technologies, Wysips® Crystal uses a thin layer of photovoltaic cells and an array of micro-lenses that make the component invisible to the naked eye. The photovoltaic cells charge automatically when exposed to light, whether sunlight or artificial, and power the battery.

Who do we need to bribe to get that technology into every mobile phone available today? Surely we won’t always have to buy a TAG Heuer MERIDIIST INFINITE to get Wysips Crystal technology!

Founded in 2008, Sunpartner Technologies is an engineering company specialized in Solar NETs (New Energy Technologies). They develop renewable, independent energy solutions that are integrated into smart surfaces and are invisible. In particular, the company invented the transparent PV technology Wysips®, which transforms any surface into a solar panel that can generate its own electricity from light.

This needs to be in all mobile phones now! The good news is that this quote was also in the press release:

Sunpartner Technologies is currently designing other prototypes with four global leaders in mobile telephony.

So evidently the TAG Heuer MERIDIIST INFINITE doesn’t have a complete lock on the technology. Which phone makers do you think will be first to bring it to us?

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