March 2014

Oscar Weekend!

Oscar weekend 2014! Movies are one of my biggest media passions. Film have taught me so much and the Oscars are always an exciting time for me. Gravity is my pick for picture this year and is wonderfully mimicked in the above photo from artist Michael Breach (@baristart). Look for the rest of his great works to release here on Oscar Sunday in honor of the awards ceremony! One film always seems to win in all their nominations (The Matrix, Usual Suspects, Ed Wood, and the record-holder The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King). This year there will be two!… The Great…

Avadon 2 the Corruption for iPad Review

Last fall Spiderweb Software released Avadon 2 The Corruption for Mac and PC, and I said that the sequel improved on the original in every way. Now iPad users get the game optimized for the touch interface and with all post-release patches. How has the game transitioned? As with the original, the iPad version is my favorite!

Amphiro A1 Review: A Futuristic Energy-Saving Shower Accessory

The amphiro a1 is a digital meter that displays the water and energy usage in real-time during your shower.  It installs easily and does not need any batteries; it also grades your shower from A+ through G-, and sometimes makes you feel guilty for your long, steamy shower.  It retails for $89.