Beyzacases Executive S for iPad Mini with Retina – Beautiful and Protective

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If you work in extreme conditions, have a toddler, or have concerns that your iPad might be crushed or cracked due to general klutziness or negligence, then it probably makes sense that you keep yours in a bulky plastic exoskeleton. But if you prefer something protective yet visually appealing and refined, then the Beyzacases Executive S is worth considering.

Available in black, white or the gorgeous red pebble-grained leather I was sent, the Executive S is quite possibly the most refined folio or book-style case available for the iPad mini. The interior is lined in Alcantara, which is the same suede-like material used to line most Louis Vuitton bags. Alcantara is soft and protective, and it won’t leave any greasy residue or the leather lint on the screen that suede would.


To insert the iPad into the Executive S’s interior leather holster, you pull out the flap on the left …


… slide the iPad in …


… and then tuck the flap back under the left side of the iPad. The result is a snug and secure fit that leaves every speaker, port, button or switch accessible, Because of the way the leather is stitched in a raised pattern around the edges of the three outer sides and corners, there is a 1mm border which serves as a shock absorber should the iPad be dropped. Due to the padded front cover design and a rigid insert in the back side of the case, there is also drop protection as well as a bit of ding and dent protection built in for those large surfaces.


The stitching found on this handmade case is even and tight; everything about the folio — from the way the back is molded, to the perfect fit of the holster around the iPad’s screen is a testament to the craftsmanship and care that Beyzacases is known for. This case is beautiful, luxurious, and protective.

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Branding on the Executive S is extremely subtle; there is a small circular logo embossed on the front of the bottom right of the front cover, and “beyzacases” is very unobtrusively embossed on the back cover.

Magnets in the three-segmented folding flap serve to wake and sleep the iPad’s screen, and they also help support the iPad when the cover is folded to make an easel by attaching to the case’s back. When the flap is folded in this manner, it can support the iPad for vertical or horizontal viewing.

The Beyzacases Executive S in red is my favorite iPad mini case. I don’t feel like it bulks up or weighs down an iPad that is supposed to be small and light enough to take everywhere; instead, it enhances the use of that go-to device while adding protection that doesn’t encumber, detract, or distract. If you have been looking for a case that stands out without being too flashy, one that is extremely well made and protective without being bulky and plasticky, then you will truly appreciate the Executive S.

Bonus for me: it perfectly compliments my Element Case Solace Chinese New Year Edition.

The Beyzacases Executive S for iPad Mini with Retina is available in red, white, or black directly from the manufacturer

MSRP: $109.95

What I Like: I love the way my iPad feels when wrapped in the Executive S’s pebbly, protective leather; drop protection for all sides and surfaces; the case looks fantastic

What Needs Improvement: Nothing — I love this case. =)

Tip: If you love the look of the Executive S, but the price is a bit too steep, Beyzacases offers a similar style – minus the leather back and holster – in the $79.95 Folio.

Source: The Beyzacases Executive S for iPad Mini with Retina review unit was a manufacturer supplied sample

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