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April 11, 2014 • Reviews

See and Protect with the X-Doria Scene for iPhone 5C

 X-Doria Scene for iPhone 5C

The X-Doria Scene for iPhone 5C is yet another affordable case from X-Doria. At under $25 it offers decent protection for your iPhone 5C while allowing its true nature, and true color, to come through. It is available in four different colors and, thanks to the various iPhone 5C colors, the combinations are numerous. Let’s take a look.

Gear Diary XDoria iPhone 5C 01 1

The company describes the X-Doria Scene for iPhone 5C this way.

Scene brings together hard polycarbonate with a tough rubber outside to provide outstanding protection to the iPhone 5C. A translucent back lets the iPhone’s own natural good looks peek through, while a comolded frame protects against shocks and jolts. Scene also protects the volume and lock buttons, extending a soft, rubbery cover that never blocks your control.

And while I initially thought this case was a bit thin and cheap, the more I spend time with it on Elana’s iPhone 5C the more I came to appreciate its simple but pleasing design. Add in the good amount of protection offered by the minimalist case and you have something definitely worth checking out.

X-Doria Scene for iPhone 5C Video Look

Features include:

  • Slim-fitting polycarbonate casing with a thin, rubber lining that surrounds the interior and edges for a secure fit
  • Ultra-thin adding only minimal thickness
  • Available in a variety of bright, rich colors, it’s easy to add pop to your iPhone’s look

As you can see, the Scene for iPhone 5C looks fantastic on Elana’s blue iPhone 5C.

And if you don’t like the color of this case you can always choose from one of the other colors currently available.


The X-Doria Scene for iPhone 5C is a rather compelling option if you are looking to protect your iPhone 5C without hiding its color. The clear back lets the phone’s own aesthetic come through. The colored sides not only protect the phone but also add visual interest. And the combination of the two makes it initially appear as if you are using a bumper rather than a case to protect your phone. At under $25 you really can’t for wrong with this design. It’s available for the iPhone 5S too!Learn more here.

MSRP: $24.99

What I Like: Simple, minimalist design; Let’s the phone’s own color through; Under $25; Available in various colors

What Needs Improvement: Offers protection but not the case for you if you are clumsy; No included screen protection

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the X-Doria Scene for iPhone 5C

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