Toast Offers Gorgeous Engraved Wood Covers for Your Mobile Devices

I think I’ve found my favorite juxtaposition in technology; a natural, soft-looking wood cover for my high-tech iPhone 6 Plus. Toast makes a drop dead gorgeous mobile phone cover with three finish choices and a ton of designs that can be etched into the wood with the option for custom engraving. Covers for the iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus start at $34.

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Toast’s mobile phone covers are made of thin pieces of 100% real sustainable wood, available in walnut, ebony, and ash finishes. All cases from Toast come with button covers to envelop the power button, SIM card slot, and volume buttons with matching wood. You also have the option to add a front cover to your phone so that all surfaces other than the touch screen, home button, and other essential areas are covered with the natural wood finish.

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The Toast wood covers are extremely thin and use an adhesive to stick to your phone. This makes for a very light and thin phone. These wood covers are precisely engineered to hug the iPhone’s curves while maintaining maximum coverage. All of the button holes, camera holes, microphone holes, etc. were accurately cut, however unfortunately, the charge porthole does not allow for the use of third-party lightning cables, as it’s not wide enough. The OEM Apple lightning charge cables work just fine.

In getting into some of the disadvantages with this type of cover, I want to try to get across how truly beautiful this iPhone cover is. It’s made with a gorgeous golden brown walnut finish that’s warm and soft with a perfectly laser-engraved Gear Diary logo burned onto the back. I’ve received a ton of comments and compliments on my custom Toast wood case.


However, if you want a stunning case like this, you’ll have to sacrifice some things.   First, installation can be difficult to perfect. The corners need to be rolled up just right in order for them to set correctly. Even after a couple of weeks, the corners aren’t 100% perfect. Second, due to the thin veneer of wood, the exposed edges at the corners or at the home button are subject to chipping.

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Third, this type of case does not offer much drop protection. There is no soft silicone inside this cover to cushion a fall. Fourthly and finally, for some reason, with the volume button covers installed, the buttons feel like they’ve lost the tactile feedback of the “click” feel when pressed.

This is the corner condition right after installation. The corners came together better after a couple weeks of use.

This is the corner condition right after installation. The corners came together better after a couple of weeks of use.

All things considered, however, if you’re in the market for a gorgeous-looking cover for your technology and aren’t looking for drop protection, Toast is the place you’ve got to go. They make wood covers for all sorts of technology, including laptops, tablets, gaming devices, etc. Check out our previous review of their Macbook Pro covers!

You can purchase your custom engraved technology cover directly from Toast at their website,

Source: The custom-engraved Toast wood cover was provided by the manufacturer as a review sample

What I Like: Gorgeous design; Made with renewable energy and with sustainable wood; Custom engraving looks amazing

What Needs Improvement: Charge porthole does not accept third-party lighting cables; Minimal drop protection; Installation can be difficult

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