Felix CrossWay for iPhone 5S Is a Cross Between Case and Wallet

Felix CrossWay

If you use an iPhone and are looking to travel light a phone case that doubles as a wallet may be just the thing. We’ve looked at numerous wallet-cases but the Felix CrossWay may be the thinnest, the lightest and the simplest yet. The company claimed the $29.99 accessory is “The world’s thinnest wallet case” and they may be right.


The case is a bumper case that has a mesh crisscross of material along the back. This serves a number of functions that includes adding some visual interest and making the case a bit easier to grip. It also, of course, serves as the “wallet” aspect of the case by effectively creating a “pouch” along the phone’s back. The case is not, as they put it “a wallet replacement” but it will let you carry a card or two. If that is all you need for your night on the town you will be good to go. If your needs exceed the one or two cards you will, however, have to look elsewhere.

Video Look at the Felix CrossWay for iPhone 5S

Felix explains the design and function of the case this way

The magic of CrossWay is its ability to offer protection and storage in a super thin profile. CrossWay uses a specially designed rubber mesh that protects your phone and stretches to accommodate a card or two. When not in use for storage, the mesh pulls back flat, leaving a truly minimal profile. The result is a protective storage case that’s essentially only as thick as the things you put into it. Because nobody wants a bloated iPhone.




I’m kind of mixed on the Felix CrossWay. I like the idea of the case but I think I like that more than I do the actual execution of it. The bumper does protect the sides, top, bottom and corners of the phone rather effectively but I think I prefer a bit more protection than it offers. The crisscross of material on the back of the case is interesting but not particularly attractive. My biggest issues with the case however is the same thing that is its actual selling-point: the wallet-case functionality. I like the idea of being able to leave my wallet behind. At the same time, if I AM leaving my wallet behind I will still need to take- at a minimum- my license, a credit case and some cash. The Felix CrossWay is not a wallet replacement and only carries one or two cards. I found one to be the maximum although I will note that the company warns:

The rubber mesh will start off very tight. Give it a day or two with your cards/cash and it will adjust to provide just the right balance of security and accessibility. Please do not overstuff your case, as it may break and/or cause damage to your phone. Nobody wants that.

I tried two cards and found it to be too tight. That was true even after letting it stretch a bit. This case doesn’t actually allow me to leave my wallet behind- it is actually TOO minimal for that- and, as a result, I would still need to carry my wallet. For someone like me the case is ultimately pointless.

If, however, you can get away with only carrying a card or two this case might be ideal for you. The Felix CrossWay for iPhone 5S is available in Black/Red, Black/Gray, White/Gray, White/Pink and includes a protective film that protects the phone’s back. You can learn more and order yours here.

MSRP: $29.99

What I Like: Simple, protective bumper case; Fits tightly; Holds one or two cards; nuclides protective back film

What Needs Improvement: Wallet aspect of the case is too minimal to work effectively for someone like me; CrissCross on the back looks almost “unfinished”

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Felix CrossWay for iPhone 5S

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