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April 22, 2014 • Gear Bits

Spy-Tech GL-200 Real-Time GPS Tracker Quick Look

Spy-Tech GL-200 Real-Time GPS Tracker

During CES 2012, I left my gear bag at a hotel after a meeting. I was able to find it using FindMyiPhone and gained a deep appreciation for the power of geo-location. But what if you want to track a car or teen driver and don’t have FindMyiPhone? That’s where the Spy-Tech GL-200 Real-Time GPS Tracker and service come in.

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The device is a small white box that is basically a cell phone GPS locator on steroids. It has its own SIM card and gets great battery life. That’s only part of the equation however since geo location doesn’t do much on its own. The service’s powerful website offers a variety of features, and it even includes the ability to create a geolocation fence so you get a warning when the device leaves that area.

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As the Spy-Tech GL-200 Real-Time GPS Tracker product page explains,

If you ever worry about where your teen is taking your new car, a crook running away with your purse, or anybody going where they shouldn’t — then now is the time to discover SpyTec’s incredible new GPS tracking solution. Powered by our proprietary tracking software and the cutting edge GL-200 real-time GPS tracking device, Spy Tec leads the charge for all of your consumer or pro-grade GPS tracking needs.

This discreet and compact GL-200 device will allow you to know the location of anything you want at all times. Utilizing hyper-accurate GPS technology, the GL-200 can help you track anything from your car to your children all in real-time. This premium GPS receiver is quick to fix locations while the quad band GPRS/GSM subsystem boasts first-rate sensitivity across 850/900/1200/1900 MHz frequencies.

Spy-Tech GL-200 Real-Time GPS Tracker Features:

Real-Time GPS Tracker
Track a Child, Adult, Vehicle or Asset
Size – 2″ x 1″ x .8″
Access Remotely via Computer, Tablet or Phone
Receive Location and Speed Alerts by E-mail & Text Message
Rechargeable Battery Life of up to 2 weeks
Full Geo-Fence Functionality
Monthly Subscription Applies ($25/month)
View Route on Google Maps or Google Earth
Includes One Year Warranty
Built by Queclink

The Spy-Tech GL-200 Real-Time GPS Tracker is $299.99, but is currently on sale for $149.95. Service plans begin at $25 a month. We’ll have a full review it shortly, but if this grabs your interest you can check it out by clicking here.



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