Never Forget Your Personals with TrackR Bravo

I’m always losing things. My mind on Mondays, My motor skills during Happy Hour, but there’s certainly two things I rather never lose: My wallet, and my keys. Luckily, TrackR, the pioneers of Bluetooth tracking products announced that their TrackR Bravo tracking devices are now available.

The TrackR Bravo is a brushed-aluminum tracking device that locates your lost and stolen items. Coming in steel, black, rose gold (fancy!) and sky blue; they all could be yours today for the price of $29.99. Compatible with Nest, another popular smart home product, the newly designed TrackR app is also available in the App Store as well as Google Play.

Never Forget Your Personals With TrackR Bravo

Labeled as the thinnest tracking device ever, the coin-sized “find all” is for those forgetful folks (self-included) that tend to ask “where in the hell are my keys” way too often. Essentially the Bravo attaches to items, people, pets, and things: from your car keys, to your point and shoot camera, down to your dog who somehow manages to always run out of the house whenever the kids open the door.

Never Forget Your Personals With TrackR Bravo

With built-in Bluetooth 4.0 and a 100 foot range, you can track down your items, or even remind yourself via alert when you’ve walked too far away from them. Have you ever been at the coffee shop and realized you left your wallet sitting right next to your coffee? Probably not a good idea.

Never Forget Your Personals With TrackR Bravo

You can set the Bravo up in the back of your wallet to make noises when you’ve gone too far away from it. Because nobody wants to have to have to go to the DMV and try to replace a lost license. The use of things like the separation alert feature as well as Safe Zones that are Wi-Fi networks that you use like at home or work, all disable alerts from sounding when you walk away from them as well.

“Technology long ago streamlined organization and inventory management for companies, while consumers have been left to use arcane methods like key hooks to keep track of the items that matter most to them,” says Chris Herbert, TrackR CEO & Co-Founder. “We envision a world where you can keep a database of your most important possessions and find them with the touch of a button. With TrackR bravo, we created a new kind of personal inventory management system to do just that, by tracking items using your smartphone.”

Never Forget Your Personals With TrackR Bravo

TrackR’s Bravo also uses a low-cost replaceable battery that last for up to a year. The replaceable batteries can cost you up to $3, which is honestly a damn good price. With the Bravo itself costing $29.99, you can also purchase items like a water-proof case, a pet collar attachment, or a high-end metal key loop. All three accessories are available in a bundle for $19.

Never Forget Your Personals With TrackR Bravo


We’re currently in the process of reviewing the TrackR bravo, and let’s just say so far, it is everything you can expect, and more. But in the meantime, you should certainly pick one up for yourself at TrackR’s site.

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