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April 22, 2014 • Gear Bits

Bluelounge Jimi Brings Convenience to Your iMac’s Hidden USB Ports

Bluelounge Jimi

The current Apple iMac is a thing of beauty. Unfortunately, that beauty comes at a cost as the USB ports continue to sit on the back. That makes it a challenge when you need to plug in or remove cables. The new Bluelounge Jimi is the solution you’ve been waiting for, as it moves the rear ports to the front.

The new $14.95 adapter is a simple device that does exactly what it promises. The Jimi is a j-shaped, USB port extension that plugs into one of the rear USB ports and gently curves down the computer toward the front. It doesn’t jut out in front of the screen so the iMac’s clean lines aren’t disrupted but it does put the USB port within reach.

The company notes that the Bluelounge Jimi is “compatible exclusively with iMac Slim Aluminium Unibody model (released November 2012) or later” although I did find that it also worked with my pre-2012 iMac only without the form-fitting curve. You can learn more and order yours here. While you are there make sure to check out all the other awesome accessories Bluelounge has for sale.

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